Image result for bahni rayDr. Bahni Ray has joined the Mechanical Engineering Department of IIT Delhi in 2017 as an Assistant Professor.

She got her B. Tech & M.Tech Dual degree in 2006 from IIT, Kharagpur Mechanical Engineering Department.

She received her doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur on 2012. After her Ph. D., she

worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA for one year and City college

of New York, New York, USA for two years.


Dr. Ray works research work covers a wide range of fundamental study and industrial applications of

multiphase flow systems with main focus on drop and bubble dynamics and microchannel using numerical

and theoretical tools. Her research covers multiscale phenomena ranging from flow in microchannel to large

drop impacts for large range of time. To study the multiphysics different in-house and open source code are

used. Apart from developing numerical schemes to capture the intricate details of interfacial flow, her main

focus is on studying the physics explaining the different flow phenomena. The primary application of her work

is on ink-jet printing, emulsions, oil spill breakup in oceans, production of micro-sized drops to mention few.




Areas of Interest

Multiphase Flow

Physics of Fluids

Stability analysis

Traffic flow
Computational Fluid Dynamics coding: Finite Difference Method code development, Lattice Boltzmann Method code development

Computational Fluid Dynamics software: OpenFOAM,  Gerris, MFix, COMSOL Multiphysics, Ansys




Office : Block III, Room No. 354

Bahni Ray
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas New Delhi 110 016, India

Tel: (91)-11-2659-6393
Fax: (91)-11-2658-2053






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