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COL 100: Introduction to programing
(Sem II, 2020-2021)

Lab Groups and TA information

Lab Group Timings     TA Name TA Email
G21 Wednesday(1pm-3pm) Naman Jain <>
G22 Wednesday(1pm-3pm) Mohit Gupta <>
G23 Thrursday(1pm-3pm) Shivani Ashok Kumar Mehta <>
G24 Thrursday(1pm-3pm) Ansh Sapra <>
G25 Friday(1pm-3pm) Rajat Singh <>
G26 Friday(1pm-3pm) Ankit Kumar <>
G27 Monday(1pm-3pm) Aarushi Ranjan <>
G28 Monday(1pm-3pm) Mohit Kumar Prajapat <>
G29 Turesday(1pm-3pm) Soumen Basu <>
G30 Turesday(1pm-3pm) Saumya Gupta <>
G31 Friday(1pm-3pm) Vivek Singh <>
G32 Friday(1pm-3pm) Meraj Ahmed <>
G33 Monday(1pm-3pm) Prakhar Agrawal <>
G34 Monday(1pm-3pm) Shivansh C Tripathi, Deepak Kunwar <,>
G35 Turesday(1pm-3pm) Anant Gulgulia <>
G36 Turesday(1pm-3pm) Satyam Jay, Ashima Mittal <,>
G37 Wednesday(1pm-3pm) Priyadarshi Hitesh <>
G38 Wednesday(1pm-3pm) Aman Shreshtha, Sai Kandregula <,>
G39 Thrursday(1pm-3pm) Shayan <>
G40 Thrursday(1pm-3pm) Samidha Verma , Mayank Gupta < ,>


Assignment Solutions
Assignment 0 , VPN setup
Assignment 1 Download Solutions
Assignment 2 Download Solutions
Assignment 3 Download Solutions
Assignment 4 Download Solutions
Assignment 5 Download Solutions
Assignment 6 Download Solutions
Assignment 7 Download Solutions
Assignment 8 Download Solutions
Assignment 9 Download Solutions
Assignment 10 Download Solutions
Assignment 11 Download Solutions

Lab Exams

Lab Exam Start End
Mock Lab Exam Instructions 23rd March 10 am 24th March 11.59 pm
Lab Exam-1 Instructions , Lab Exam-1 Question Paper 27th March 3:30 pm 27th March 5:00 pm
Lab Exam-2 Instructions , Lab Exam-2 Question Paper 25th April 3:30 pm 25th April 5:00 pm
Lab Exam-3 Instructions , Lab Exam-3 Question Paper 22nd May 3:30 pm 22nd May 5:00 pm