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Shivam Jaiswal is a Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer. He always shows his interest in Product Design and Development. His research areas include Product Design and Development, CAD/CAM/CAE, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Smart Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0. He holds his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master's degree in Computer-Aided Design Manufacture and Automation (CADMA) from the Central University of Karnataka. He has completed courses in the Product Design Engineer & CAM Programmer from Karnataka German Technical Training Institute, Kalaburagi. He has done various internships and summer training programs from the institutions and industries like CSIR-CIMFR, IIT-ISM, CIL-BCCL, Indian Railways, and Tata Steel Ltd.

He has worked as Project Assistant at CSIR-CIMFR under the CSIR project titled "Preparation of in-situ stress map of Jharia coalfield." In this project, he is involved with selecting different instruments for in-situ stress measurement and their smooth operation in the field and laboratory. He has also deputed structural analysis and design of support systems and other facilities to be created in the subsurface using CAD/CAE software. He has also worked as Senior Research Fellow at the IIT-ISM under the Indo Australian Collaborative Initiative. A project titled "Development of Virtual Reality Mine Simulator (VRMS) for Improving Safety and Productivity in Indian Coal Mines" to develop a 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Simulators.

Currently, he is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy at IIT- Delhi. He thinks about the Ph.D. is that he will able to conduct his research. If his thesis, the key findings, and the research gap are vital and relevant, other researchers will also reference his work and discoveries while teaching future students. Studying for a Ph.D. will feel like a natural next step. Unlike undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, the Ph.D. program will be less structured, and he will be encouraged to do research topics that are of specific interest to him.

Previous Works

I am sharing details about my previous projects during B.Tech and M.Tech.

Design and Development of an Autonomous Robird (B.Tech)

A Prototype model of a Robird has been conceived and fabricated and has successfully demonstrated its functionality in the field trials conducted. The Robird works on a flapping mechanism where aluminum rods and aerofoil have various aerodynamic properties.

The outcome of this Robird: It acts like a scarecrow for the field, which would increase the total irrigation. Also, will have a considerable decrease in the percentage of birds visit on landfills and would be able to clear the sky for flight take off, which in turn save the lives of birds and problem is also solved.

Study on Design of Top Shackle Used in Cage Suspension Gear in Mines – FEA Approach (M.Tech)

Shackles are mostly used for the purpose of couple devices in different - different applications such as tractor's trolley, oil exploration, railway, mining, etc. It is used to assemble cage/skip with mine cage suspension gear (CSG) through links/chains for transportation of man, material and machines. This project presents the design verification and crack distribution of top shackle at various statically load combinations found during quality assessment followed by FEA analysis. This paper also deals with the behavior of von Mises (equivalent) stress, von Mises (equivalent) strain, Safety Factor and Damages (Cracks) developed for Top Shackle under static load. It has been found that it satisfies the conditions of Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) norms for the Designing of Top Shackle used in Cage Suspension Gear.

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  1. Product Design and Development
  2. Design Creativity and Innovation
  3. Design Theory and Methodology
  4. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


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