Dasgupta, Debabrata


Areas of Interest: 

Microfluidics and microscale transport processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, multiphase transport, transport in multi-scale systems


        Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

        M.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

        B.E., Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Academic/Industrial Experience

1.      Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi, 2016-present

2.      Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur, 2014-2016

Selected Publications

1.      A. Bandopadhyay, D. DasGupta, S. K. Mitra, S. Chakraborty, "Computation of streaming potential in porous media: Modified permeability tensor", Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 300, pp. 53-69, 2015.

2.      P. K. Mondal, D. Dasgupta, A. Bandopadhyay, U. Ghosh, S. Chakraborty, "Contact Line Dynamics of Electroosmotic Flows Of Incompressible Binary Fluid System with Density and Viscosity Contrasts", Physics of Fluids, vol. 27, pp. 032109, 2015.

3.      P. K. Mondal, U. Ghosh, A. Bandopadhyay, D. Dasgupta, S. Chakraborty, "Pulsating Electric Field Modulated Contact Line Dynamics of Immiscible Binary Systems in Narrow Confinements under Electrical Double Layer Phenomenon", Soft Matter, vol. 10, pp. 8512-8523, 2014.

4.      D. Dasgupta, P. K. Mondal, S. Chakraborty, "Thermocapillary-actuated contact-line motion of immiscible binary fluids over substrates with patterned wettability in narrow confinement", Physical Review E, vol. 90, pp. 023011 (1-12), 2014.

5.      P. K. Mandal, U. Ghosh, A. Bandopadhyay, D. Dasgupta, S. Chakraborty, "Electric-field-driven contact-line dynamics of two immiscible fluids over chemically patterned surfaces in narrow confinements", Physical Review E, vol. 88, pp. 023022 (1-13), 2013.