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The HydroX research group belongs to the Water Resources Engineering Section in Department of Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

We HydroX, are primarily interested in unveiling different aspects of hydro-climatology, a multidisciplinary field integrating hydrology and climate science. Different facets of hydrological cycle are focussed by better understanding the processes associated, through an integrated approach of data analysis, modeling and theory.

Our present research involves impact assessment of climate change on water resources, regional scale modeling studies and land surface processes, sensitivity and uncertainty in distributed hydrological models, causal modeling through data mining, predictability and inherent nonlinearity in hydrological time series (As we explore more, this list keeps growing...)

Recent Research Highlights

Unravelling Diurnal Asymmetry of Surface Temperature in Different Climate Zones

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Increasing probability of mortality during Indian heat waves

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Environmental Flow Assessment based on Water Quality
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