The International Genetically Engineered Machines, or iGEM, is a competition held annually at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA. The competition is centered around synthetic biology, and comprises of teams working in their college throughout the summer on an idea to use synthetic biology to solve a real world problem, and present it at the iGEM Giant Jamboree held at the Hynes Convention Centre, MIT, Boston.
This is the largest gathering of synthetic biologists and molecular biologists from all over the world, with over 300 participating colleges from over 50 countries spanning 5 continents, including premier institutions from all over the world such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell, University of Heidelberg and several Ivy League and other colleges.
There is an extensive use of all the latest technology in the wet lab as well as dry lab, involved in synthetic biology at the competition, and the exposure gained from such an event is priceless. Also, all the biggest names in the field are present there in the competition.

We have had a decent history with the competition, where we have been awarded one silver and 4 bronze medals since 2014, and have also won iBEC (Indian Biological Engineering Competition) grant of INR 10 lakhs in 2016. The projects that we have worked upon are described below, with their respective links.

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