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Books Authored

  A Collection of Interesting General Chemistry Experiments,
Anil J. Elias
Universities Press, Hyderabad. First edn. 2002, Revised edn. 2008

Book Review: The success of this book is not in the selection of the experiments, but in presenting them in an attractive and lucid manner. CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 83, NO. 11, 10 DECEMBER 2002, 1403

Basic Organometallic Chemistry: Concepts, Syntheses and Applications of Transition Metals
B.D. Gupta and Anil. J. Elias
Indian Edn. –Universities Press, Hyderabad 2010 International Edn.- CRC Press, 2010

2nd edition- 2013

Book Reviews:The book is easy to read, and with many descriptive sections will be accessible to beginning graduate and higher level undergraduate students. Students will also appreciate the effort that was made to provide many end-of the-chapter questions, complete with answers Organometallics, Vol. 30, 2011, 198.

The strength of the book lies in its lucid exposition of the concepts and a large number of exercises at the end of each chapter with solutions provided at the end of the book. CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 107, NO. 2, 25 JULY 2014, 307


The Chemistry of the p-block Elements

Anil. J. Elias
Universities Press, Hyderabad 2018

first print- 2018

Book Reviews:A worthy addition to the personal library of any undergraduate or postgraduate student and teachers teaching chemistry courses. CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 116, NO. 11, 10 JUNE 2019, 1922

A compelling and complete account of p block chemistry. Resonance, Vol. 24, 2019, 115. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12045-019-0761-0