ELP212 : Electromagnetics Lab
July-Dec 2016

Kushal Shah (Mon)
Devi Chadha (Tue)
Uday Khankhoje (Thurs)
Mahesh Abegaonkar (Fri)

List of experiments:
  1. Waveguide
    Verify the relationship between wavelength of an EM wave in air and inside a rectangular waveguide.

  2. Measurement of unknown load impedence and VSWR
    Based on transmission lines

  3. Wireless Power Transfer
    Measure the variation in voltage w.r.t. distance between coils, angular orientation of coils, receiver capacitance, metal sheet location and input frequency (ac circuit).
    Check the DC-AC conversion circuit properly.
    Make sure to maintain input voltage of 4-5 V DC.
    Do not touch the MOSFETs during the experiment.

  4. Antenna (2 turns)
    Make a printed antenna using FeCl3 and tape on a substrate and then test it using a Network Analyzer.
    Ref: Antenna Theory by C. Balanis (3Ed, pg : 816-831)

  5. Computational Electromagnetics (5 turns) : Photonic Crystals and Wave scattering
    Simulation software : MPB and MEEP [works best with Ubuntu]

Grading Policy: Attendance Policy:
One round of attendance will be taken at 2:10PM and when the students complete the experiment, they go and mark again, thus getting full attendance. Attendance is thus handed out in half units.

Plagiarism Policy: