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Fermi Acceleration Workshop (FATB2014)

Venue : Imperial College, London

7th - 10th December, 2014

Organizers :
Dmitry Turaev (email) & Tiago Pereira (email) : Local Organizers
Vassili Gelfreich (email), Vered Rom-Kedar (email) & Kushal Shah (email)

Sponsors :

About :
With the growing interest in the problem of Fermi Accelerators and Time-dependent Billiards (FATB), we plan to have a small spontaneous workshop in which recent progress in the field will be discussed.

The workshop will consist of lectures of people working in this area (and possibly posters).

We plan to reserve ample time for free discussions.

Interested scientists at all levels are most welcome to attend and participate.

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Credits : Mason Porter, Caltech
Workshop Schedule and other details

Speakers :
For abstracts of the above talks and detailed schedule of the workshop, please click here.

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Accommodation : Imperial, Doctor in the House,, airbnb
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