Plasma Physics

Plasma Physics is the study of a gas of charged particles. A "plasma" is also called the fourth state of matter since its properties are very different from a gas of neutral particles. It is a very exciting subject and has applications in many areas of science and engineering. This is one of the rare subjects which has both the abstraction of pure science and the hard core applications of engineering disciplines.

Basic Books on Plasma Physics:

The book by Chen is one of the most basic books in Plasma Physics. The maths is light but the book gives a good physical insight into various concepts of Plasma Physics. One can read this book to get a basic background in Plasma Physics. The book by Nicholson is mathematically more appealing. The e-book by Fitzpatrick is also quite nice.

As for the pre-requisites, someone in the higher semesters of undergraduate study can start reading the theory of Plasmas. However, a study of the following subjects can be very helpful and is also essential to a large extent: The following books are extremely useful for looking up mathematical formulae and doing numerical analysis: These are some simulation codes developed at UC Berkeley and are widely used by Plasma Physicists: Some important papers:

A few important journals in Plasma Physics:
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