What We Do

Flow instability

Understanding flow behavior and transport in biological systems using both theoretical and experimental tools.


Development of droplet-based microfluidics, inertial microfluidics, and high throughput microfluidic platforms.

Li-ion batteries

Electrochemical thermal modeling, and development of the Battery Management System (BMS) for battery Packs.

BioMedical devices

Translating research to BioMedical solutions and products in an impactful and cost-effective manner.

Glimpse of our work

Few pics providing a glimpse of our research...

Microfabrication: Template-assisted method "a simple yet cost-effective method" (PDF)

Microfluidic: Three-Dimensional Multihelical Microfluidic Mixers (PDF)

Hydrodynamic flow instability in flexible channel (PDF)

Microfluidic: Flow instability detection using electrical probe method (PDF)

Electrochemical model for Li-ion battery (PDF)

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Our work


Published: Langmuir / J. Fluid Mech / Sadhana / Physical Review E / J.E.S. / J.P.S. / Nature Biomedical. Eng./ IEEE

Conferences and talks

@: AICHE,USA / JNCSR,Bangalore / IITKgp


Patent office: US

Verma, M. K. S., Suman Basu, Rajkumar Patil, Krishnan Hariharan, Shashishekara Adiga, Subramanya Kolake, Dukjin Oh, TaeWon Song, Younghun Sung, On-Board State Estimation in Electrical Vehicles: Achieving Accuracy and Computational Efficiency through an Electrochemical Model, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2020.(link)

Girish D Chitnis, Verma, M. K. S., Julien Lamazouade, Miguel Gonzalez-Andrades, Kisuk Yang, Ali Dergham, Peter Anthony Jones, Benjamin E Mead, Andrea Cruzat, Zhixiang Tong, Keir Martyn, Aniruddh Solanki, Natalie Landon-Brace, Jeffrey M Karp, A resistance-sensing mechanical injector for the precise delivery of liquids to target tissue, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2019.(link)

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Piyush Tagade, Krishnan S Hariharan, Suman Basu, Verma, M. K. S., Kolake Subramanya Mayya, Taewon Song, Dukjin oh, Taejung Yeo and Seokgwang Doo, Bayesian calibration for electrochemical thermal model of lithium-ion cells, Journal of Power Sources, 320, 296–309, 2016.(PDF)

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Verma, M. K. S., Real-time On-board Voltage and SOC Estimation for Composite Battery Packs: Achieving Accuracy and Computational Efficiency through an Electrochemical Model,6th International Conference & Exhibition on Energy Storage, EV & Microgrids in India, January 10-11, 2019.

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V.Kumaran and Verma, M. K. S.,Microfluidic device, Patent No.US 9,463,460 B2, 2016 (PDF)


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