Sudipan Saha

Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi

Office: MGGP building
Email: sudipan.saha at

I am a faculty member in the Yardi School of Artificial Intelligence at IIT Delhi. Before this, I was a postdoc at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. I obtained my Ph.D. from University of Trento, Italy, where my advisors were Dr. Francesca Bovolo and Prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone.

I am a researcher in Earth observation, computer vision, and climate AI. In more details, my research interests include multi-sensor learning and adaptation, multi-temporal image analysis, unsupervised representation learning, understanding of evolution of meteorological variables and land surface, and uncertainty quantification.



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Currently looking for

  • PhD students to work on topics in computer vision, Earth observation, and climate AI.
  • Masters thesis students to also work on the above-mentioned topics.
  • JRF or RAs to work on sponsored projects in similar topics (depending on vacancies).

Currently not looking for

  • Short term internship students.
  • Online internship students.
  • Mini project students.

You can expect a recommendation letter from me only if one of the following is satisfied

  • You did a thesis with me and performed satisfactorily.
  • You are a co-author in a paper with me and you contributed significantly to the paper.
  • You spent 6+ months with me as a JRF or RA and performed satisfactorily.