M. Tech. Students

S.No.Student Name (s)Semester & YearThesis TitleCo-supervisor
(if any)
Any outcome/ Recognition of Significance*
1.Lt. C. SinghIst and II sem 1992-93Drog Reduction Using Riblets
2.Prakash SharmaIst and II sem 1994-95Algebraic stress modeling of near wall turbulent flows
3.Kair PrakashIst and II sem 1995-96Explicit Algebraic stress model for calculation of 2D Turbulent F lows
4.D. Ravi KiranIst and II sem 1997-98Parametrization, Analysis & Design of a ShowerDr. A.K. Raghav
5.P. S. MajumdarIst and II sem 1998-99A Study of non-linear oscillator(two beads sliding on a rotating hoop)
6.Jaspreat Singh PuriIst and II sem 1999-2000Design & Development of adjustable orifice plate using CFDProf. S.N. Singh
7.G. NayakIst and II sem 1999-2000Further Studies of a non-linear oscillator
8.G. P. NayakIst and II sem 2000-01Dynamical behavior of two beads sliding on a rotating hoop
9.Amrik SinghIst and II sem 2000-01A Numerical Study of flow and heat transfer under an impinging jetDr. A. Ray
10.Satish DewanganIst and II sem 2001-02Lift characteristics flap wing devicesDr. S. Mukharjee
11.V. K. KishoreIst and II sem 2001-02Design of lift measuring deviceDr. S. Mukharjee
12.D. ShindeIst and II sem 2001-02Design of a micro wing device - flap wing typeDr. S. Mukharjee
13.P. S. SridharIst and II sem 2001-02Study of particles in impinging flowsDr. P. V. Krishnan
14.A.SatyanIst and II sem 2002-03Development of a CFD code for internal flows
15.Chandra ShekharIst and II sem 2004-05Karhunen-Loeve decomposition and its applicationsDr. R. Srinadh
16.Talat FakhriIst and II sem 2005-06GLRAM and its applications in video compressionDr. R. Srinadh
17.Amit AroraIst and II sem 2005-06Evaluation of the Feasibility of using CNG in Passenger Cars in Delhi, IndiaProf. D. P. Kothari
18.Maheshwara Rao BokkaIst and II sem 2006-07Application of Large Eddy Simulation to Complex FlowsProf. S. V. Veeravalli
19.Rajiv VermaIst and II sem 2006-07Simulation and Experimental Study of Aerodynamic Flow around ChimneyProf. S. V. Veeravalli
20.Zafar HaiderIst and II sem 2007-08Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in HelmetsProf. P. Mahajan
21.Rohan Arun GulvaniIst and II sem 2010-11Enhancement of Heat transfer in Air Jet ImpingmentProf. A. Dewan
22.Abhnav DharIst and II sem 2010-11Computational Study of Supersonic flowProf. A. Dewan
23.Sondarva NeeleshIst and II sem 2011-12CFD Analysis of Flapping Wing mechanismDr. A. Gupta
24.K. ShakulIst and II sem 2011-12Computation of Driving Cycle using PODProf. S. Kundu
25.Ashish JainIst and II sem 2011-12Computational Study of Supersonic Flow over a modified flat plateProf. A. Dewan
26.Deep Prakash GuptIst and II sem 2011-12Comp. study of H.T. enhancement using axisymmetric detatched ribsProf. A. Dewan
27.S. SajilalIst and II sem 2011-12Design of ventilated helmetsProf. P. Mahajan
28.R. KarthikIst and II sem 2011-12Efficient Computation of Interfacial flowsDr. B. Srinivasan
29.Nipun AroraIst and II sem 2012-13Parametric study into generation of LiftDr. A. Gupta
30.Neeraj BhatiaIst and II sem 2012-13CFD modeling of flow through DamsProf. A. Dewan
31.Bijender SinghIst and II sem 2012-13Comp. study of enhancement of H.T. in a square channelProf. A. Dewan
32.Arun BabyIst and II sem 2012-13Computational study of impact on brain modellingProf. P. Mahajan
33.Sudhir Kumar BisenIst and II sem 2013-14Analysis of minimum weight finned tube double pipe heat exchanger
34.Anuj Kumar ShuklaIst and II sem 2013-14Computational Study of Enhancement of Heat transfer in a square channel through continous and broken RIBS
35.AakashIst and II sem 2013-14Modelling the CSF Dynamics in Human Brain

* Here significance implies awards, patents, prototypes, technology transfers etc.

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