Consultancy Projects

S.No.Project TitlePI/COPIGranting AgencyStart DateDurationValue (in Rs.)Status
1.Evaluation of In Situ Performance of Flow Elements on the Basis of Experimentally Measured Values of CoefficientsCOPI05-July-20135.47 LakhsNewly Undertaken
2.Experimental Evaluation of Kv Values of 2 Way ValevesCOPI14-August-20130.5 LakhsNewly Undertaken
3.Design and Calibration of Orifice Plate AssembliesCOPI22-August-20130.5 LakhsNewly Undertaken
4.Wet Calibration of Flow NozzlesCOPI06-August-20130.9 LakhsNewly Undertaken
5.Performance Evaluation of Orifice Plate AssembliesCOPI19-September-20130.7 LakhsNewly Undertaken
6.Design and Calibration of Orifice Plate AssembilyCOPI20-September-20130.5 LakhsNewly Undertaken
7.Calibration of Pitot TubeCOPI23-September-20130.2 LakhsNewly Undertaken
8.Calibration of Two Hole ProbeCOPI30-September-20130.4 LakhsNewly Undertaken
9.Calibration of a Vane Anemometer/Pitot TubePI19-December-20130.267 LakhsNewly Undertaken
10.Wind Tunnel Testing of Aero-elastic Models of the High-rise Chimneys at the Hazira and Dahez SitesCOPI12-December-201314 LakhsNewly Undertaken
11.Calibration of Pitot Rod & Vane AnemometerCOPI03-February-20140.6 LakhsNewly Undertaken
12.Performance Evaluation of Venturi TubesCOPI04-February-20143.25 LakhsNewly Undertaken
13.Determination of the Accuracy of Discharge Coefficient of Flow Elements Experimentally and then Derive In-Situ EquationsCOPI11-February-20144.44 LakhsNewly Undertaken
14.Performance Evaluation of Orifice Plate Assemblies Experimentally and Derivation of In-Situ EquationsCOPI01-April-201401 LakhsNewly Undertaken
15.Calibration of Flow IndicatorCOPI10-April-20140.2 LakhsNewly Undertaken
16.Evaluation of Kv Values for the Flow Regulating Valve at 100% opening ExperimentallyCOPI01-May-20140.2 LakhsNewly Undertaken
17.Performance Evaluation of Impact ProbesCOPI20-February-201305 LakhsOngoing
18.Evaluation of FFS Machines ClassificationPIDS Limited, NOIDAAugust 201210 LakhsCompleted
19.Analysis and calibration of six inches averaging Pitot tubePIIA Flow elements, ChennaiMarch 20122 LakhsCompleted
20.Report on Classification of FFS MachinesPIDS Limited, NOIDAAugust 20105 LakhsCompleted
21.Development of Verification Methodology and Technical Support & Supervision of Computerized Draw of Allotment of PlotsPIYamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, NOIDANovember 200910 LakhsCompleted
22.Vetting Design and Drawings for Construction of Ranney Well at Dulhepur Village, FaridabadPIMarch 20101.8 LakhsCompleted
23.Preliminary study of possible avenues for combustion of low calorific value flue gasCOPIONGCMarch 2009-20103.0 LakhsCompleted
24.Calibration of Vane AnemometerPILight Engineering CorporationJune 20020.1 LakhCompleted
25.Air Quality Impact Assessment by Changeover to CNG BusesPIIndian Oil CorporationJuly 20010.5 LakhsCompleted
26.Calibration of Vane AnemometerPISahani AirconSeptember 20000.1 LakhCompleted
27.Calibration of S type of pitot tubesPIRajshree Cements LimitedJune 20000.1 LakhsCompleted
28.Recruitment of Junior EngineersPINOIDA AuthorityApril 19992.2 LakhsCompleted
29.Recruitment of Assistanr EngineersPINOIDA AuthorityJune 20000.45 LakhsCompleted
30.Buckling strength of Push RodsPISpectra ProductsJune 20000.1 LakhsCompleted
31.Calibration of Vane AnemometerPIAnisa Electro Engg.December 19970.1 LakhCompleted
32.Calibration of S type of pitot tubesPIRajshree Cements LimitedMay 19980.1 LakhsCompleted

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