PhD Students

S.No.Studentís NameDate of viva-voceJoining DateThesis TitleCo-supervisor
(if any)
Any outcome/ Recognition of Significance*
1.Rajiv Jain20041996Finite Element study of Gas-Solid flows in vertical pipesDr. K. V. Pagalthivarthi
2.J. S. Ravichandra20051999Study of turbulent multisize particulate flow in pipesDr. K. V. Pagalthivarthi
3.Nadeem Hasan20062002Natural convection in circular enclosures
4.Syed Fahad Anwer27-7-20072003CFD Analysis of Flow past a Rigid Body Executing a General Two Dimensional MotionProf. Sudipto MukherjeeAwarded the best presentation in Open House, IIT Delhi - 2006, 2 major papers published in AIAA Journal, Computers and Fluids, 3 major papers in Jour. Comp. Physics, Phys. Of Fluids, and Comp. and Solids
5.Adnan Qamar13-10-20082004Numerical Investigations of the flow Past Axisymmetric Protuberances using a New Computational Scheme
6.Vikram V. Deshpande20132007Study of supersonic flow past a moving protuberanceProf. S. N. Singh, Dr. B. Eshpuniyani
7.Bhagwat Singh ShishodiaIn Progress2009Design of Ventilated HelmetsProf. P. Mahajan
8.Syed Mohd. YahyaIn Progress2010Numerical Analysis of turbulent channel flow with high temperature gradientsDr. S. F. Anwer (AMU)
9.Vijai Kumar ChaurasiaIn Progress2011Modelling of Storm WaterProf. A. K. Mittal

* Here significance implies awards, patents, prototypes, technology transfers etc.

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