Sponsored Research Projects

S.No.Project TitlePI/COPIGranting AgencyDurationValue (in Rs.)Status
1.FISTCOPIDST2007-20125 CroresCompleted
2.Large Scale Data Processing and VisualisationCOPINaval Research Board2008-201240 LakhsCompleted
3.Development of an Associate Node for Computational Fluid Dynamics at IIT DelhiCOPIAeronautical Research Development Board2009-201342 LakhsCompleted
4.CFD Analysis of Micro Flap Wing DevicesPIAeronautical Research Development Board2005-09-064.5 LakhsCompleted
5.SERC School on CFDPIDST20043.6 LakhsCompleted
6.Development of a CFD code for internal flows based on the Spalart-Allmaras modelPIAeronautical Research Development Board2003-20055.6 LakhsCompleted
7.Modernization of fluid mechanics laboratoryCOPIMHRD1999-20017.0 LakhsCompleted
8.Preparation of Course Material for MechanicsPICD Cell, AICTE19990.2 LakhsCompleted
9.Development of virtual laboratory modulesCOPICommonwealth of Learning, Vancouver1994-19962.2 LakhsCompleted
10.Preparation of Course Material for Fluid MechanicsPICD Cell, AICTE19990.1 LakhsCompleted
Sanjeev Sanghi | Department of Applied Mechanics | IIT Delhi | Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016 | E-mail : sanghi@am.iitd.ac.in