mechanics of cell

Our lab studies the mechanical influences on the biological cell and how biological cell generates forces at different length scale. Physical science in biology is an evolving field for the last few years. Some of the main areas we look into are, cell crawling, bacterial growth, cytoskeleton mechanics and frequency transduction in outer hair cell etc. Apart from mechanics in biology the lab also uses its expertise in aerospace structural material, smart structural analysis and design, morphing structure, constitutive modeling of multifunctional material etc.

Modern day mechanics is inherently interdiciplinary. Our lab tries to explore this fact-that irrespective of application areas, be it aerospace, mechanical or biomedical fields- fundamental  principles of mechanics remain the same.  



We have an immediate opening for a PhD position in Cell Biomechanics area. An ideal candidate should have a background in mechanics, an interest in instrumentation & instrument building. For details please contact me with a CV.  Our lab also have interest in the following areas: