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Dr. Satyawati Sharma is Senior Professor at Centre for Rural Development and Technology, IIT Delhi. She did her Ph.D. from IIT Delhi and post-graduation from Agra University. She has more than 150 publications in reputed international and national journals. She has executed 39 sponsored projects on various subjects and developed five bio-formulations, one each for termite control, nematode control, fungal wilt control, insect control and rapid composting. Out of these, four formulations have been patented. Also, her technologies related to termite, nematode and fungal wilt control have been transferred to CAREPRO BIOSCIENCES company at Greater Noida. She has guided 25 Ph.D. students and 13 are pursuing their Ph.D under her guidance at present.  She has guided 6 PDFs and 2 PDFs are continuing.  She was awarded ‘Iraj Zandi award’ in 2013 in recognition of  her contribution to the field of Solid Waste Technology and Management by Widener University, Philadelphia, USA and also honored by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, to contribute in the ‘Energy Crops’ book. She has also been the recipient of ‘Golden Jubilee Award’ for  excellence  in  the  field  of  Khadi  and  Village  Industries”  to  IIT  Delhi by KVIC for  contribution  to  MGIRI  project  jointly  by  a  group  of  faculty  members  from  CRDT  and  other associated Departments/Centres. She has been the member of many international and national academies/societies. Her research interests lies in Bio-inoculants and Bio-fertilizer, Rapid composting/Waste management, Tissue culture, Fungal and botanical bio-pesticides, Wasteland Reclamation, Mushroom technology, Vermitechnology, Silvipastoral technology and Biogas slurry management.

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