Prof. Supratic Gupta

Prof. Supratic Gupta, Faculty in IIT Delhi, had graduated from IIT Madras and then completed his doctorate from Nagoya University, Japan. A dynamic man with passion for bringing about positive changes in society; he has firm root in Indian values but has grown wings of innovative ideas in East Asia. He wants to makes people happy by his sincere ideas and positive social actions. He is engaged in writing books, delivering lectures, making movies and incubating projects to change the world.

Contact No: 9873408782
Designation: Founder Trustee of STRI

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About STRI

STRI (Supratic Trust for Research and Incubation) is a non-profit public welfare oriented Trust, founded on the innovative social concepts of its founder Prof. Supratic Gupta, Faculty at IIT Delhi. The objective is to promote effective initiatives to catalyze social and attitudinal changes among all sections of society.

It was registered in the year 2016 for taking forward the concepts of the book "You Must be Kidding Dr. Supratic Gupta", authored by Prof. Supratic Gupta and Counsellor Prakash Chandra. The book depicts Dr. Gupta's unique life experiences including twelve years in Japan, which has produced offbeat ideas and exploration of many complex socio-cultural issues. It touches various themes including; sports training, flexible education, women development, dance, music and public-based research.

The Trust symbolizes the hope to make positive contribution in the lives of people around the world with action-based innovative approaches. The purpose is to make qualitative changes in their lives, with the active participation of like-minded people, who want to join, support or contribute in any form. It seeks active support from Individuals, NGOs and Government agencies worldwide.