Brain Mapping & Artificial Intelligence Workshop

11-20 March 2021
Indian Institute of Technology
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016

About The Event

About The Event

Are we really in the age of Artificial Intelligence? The probable answer we get is “No”. But surprisingly, many world leading industries and/or academia are claiming to have developed AI system. To our understanding, all these systems available are known as “Restricted AI system”. Today’s computer/ machine can perform many tasks even better than human. A machine vision system can identify faces, objects in complex scenes. However, it fails to interpret and explain what is happening in an image unlike a human. We don’t know, how the brain is really interpreting the visual information. Hence, it’s really challenging to model a machine vision system that can have the capacity of human level recognition. Cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI) have a long-standing shared history. Early research in AI was inspired by human intelligence and shaped by cognitive scientists. Hence, understanding how the human brain works is one of the fundamental challenges in science today. Advancing our knowledge in this regard will help us to solve various key problems both in engineering and medicine.

This workshop will introduce fundamental challenges in understanding human brain and to translate those knowledge to machine domain. Participants will learn fundamental neuroscience, various techniques to understand the mechanism behind science of intelligence. The state of art on Artificial intelligence techniques as well as opportunities & challenges will be discussed.

Participants from any branch of Science (Including Medical Science) and Engineering are encouraged to attend the workshop.

Please come and join us and be a part of this academic extravaganza!


Hosted by IIT Delhi
Online Mode


Thursday to Saturday
11-20 March 2021


Dr. Tapan K. Gandhi
Neurocomputing Lab
IIT Delhi


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Only those faculty, whose affiliated institute is listed on the AICTE approved list are eligible to apply for QIP.
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Faculty (QIP)- INR 500
Students, Non-QIP Faculty & Others - INR 5000 (including GST)

Event Speakers

Here are some of our tentative speakers

Speaker 2

Prof. Santanu Chaudhury

Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur


Speaker 4

Prof. Jayadeva

Professor & Head, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Speaker 7

Prof. Manvir Bhatia

MD (Medicine), DM Neurology (AIIMS, Delhi)


Speaker 11

Prof. B.K. Panigrahi

Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Speaker 13

Dr. Amy Kalia Singh

Google, Mountain View, California


Speaker 5

Dr. Vidur Mahajan

Physician | Wharton MBA | Head of Research at CARING | Associate Director at Mahajan Imaging | Radiology Researcher

Speaker 8

Varun Aggarwal

Co-founder & CTO, Aspiring Minds


Speaker 9

Dr. Raghavendra Singh

Ex Principal Scientist, IBM


Speaker 14

Prof. Anup Singh

Associate Professor, Centre of Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Speaker 1

Prof. Lalan Kumar

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Speaker 15

Dr. Sharon Gilad-Gutnick

Research Scientist, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Speaker 16

Prof. Chetan Arora

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Speaker 3

Prof. Tapan K. Gandhi

Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


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Virtual Event

Indian Institute of Technology
Hauz Khas
New Delhi

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Neurocomputing Lab
Room 305, Block 2
Department of Electrical Engineering
IIT Delhi