Welcome to my webpage. I am Varun Ramamohan, and I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. I am part of the Production and Industrial Engineering group within the Mechanical Engineering department, and my research and teaching interests broadly lie in the areas of industrial engineering and operations research.

Research Group

I am looking for motivated individuals with a strong interest and background in mathematics (linear algebra, probability, some operations research) and programming (Python, Matlab, etc.) to join my group especially as PhD students. Feel free to send me an email if interested.

PhD students

Mohd Shoaib (July 2017 present)

Najiya Fatma (July 2018 present)

Soham Das (July 2019 present)

Aparna Venkataraman (August 2021 present)

Divyanshu Goel (August 2021 present)

MTech students

Amarendra Kumar (ongoing)

Arpit (ongoing)

Shubham Bansal (completed June 2021)

Pratish Dewangan (completed June 2021)

Sourabh Kumar Kol (completed June 2021)

Sq. Ldr. PL Yadav (completed June 2021)

Saikrishna Pokkunuri (completed July 2020)

Sambit Mohanty (completed July 2020)

Sundarmohan Besra (completed July 2020)

Soham Das (completed July 2019)

Virendra Chaudhary (completed May 2019)

Lt. Col. Kartik Natarajan (completed May 2019, co-advised with Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar)

Ravi Yadav (completed May 2018)

MS(R) students

Swapnil Shandilya (ongoing)

BTech students

I enjoy working with motivated BTech students from IIT Delhi. However, I prefer working on longer-term projects (i.e., longer than a semester) so that meaningful output can be generated. Therefore, please express interest in working with me (via email) only if you are willing to commit to work with me for at least 6 months.


Contact Information

I can be contacted at varunr at mech dot iitd dot ac dot in for more information regarding my research and/or teaching activities. A copy of my CV can be found here.