Welcome to Catalytic Reaction Engineering (CRE) Lab, IIT Delhi

CRE Research Group objective is to develop novel and transformative catalytic technologies that enable a sustainable energy economy. Accordingly, synthesis, characterization and application of both heterogeneous and homogenous catalysts are undertaken for fundamental studies and for the development of industrially relevant processes. To attain these objectives, state of art catalysts synthesis units such as batch reactors, deep coater, microwave synthesis units, ultrasonication synthesis units etc and characterization units such as physisorption unit, chemisorption unit, TGA, FTIR, DRIFT, MP-AES, and acid metal digestion system etc are available in the CRE lab besides several other instruments such as XRD, SEM, TEM, EDX, HR-TEM, Raman spectroscopy and many others available in the institute. Moreover, state of art catalyst testing facilities such as Parr high pressure batch reactor, Anton Paar high pressure microwave reactors, and several continuous reactors are available in the lab. Furthermore, CRE lab is equipped with state of art product characterization tools such as HPLC, UV, GC-MS, GC-FID and GC-TCD.

Some of the major current catalytic research areas are: Coal to Methanol and DME, CO2 Capture and Conversion, Crude oil to Chemicals, Biomass Valorisation, Natural Gas Decomposition to Hydrogen and CNTs, Plastic Waste conversion, and E-waste management.

-Prof. K. K. Pant

What's New

  • Congratulations Dr. Ejaz Ahmad for FITT best theis award
  • Congratulations Dr. Ejaz Ahmad for joining as Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT-ISM-Dhanbad
  • Congratulations Prashant Jadhao and Ramdayal Panda for first prize in IIT Delhi Industry Day 2019
  • Congratulations Dr. Ashish Pandey for getting selected for China InnoTour for Indian Young Scientists
  • Congratulations Prof. K. K. Pant on publishing Special Issue on Bio renewable Energy and Chemicals in I&EC
  • Prof. K. K. Pant delivered a talk on "Production and characterization of CNTs and understanding the hydrodynamics of direct decomposition of methane in fluidized bed reactor" in APCAT-8, 2019 held at Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Congratulations Ashish Pandey, Mohit Anand and Paritosh Raj on Special prize (first) for presentation on "Environmental Protection" in 3rd INAE Youth Conclave, held at IIT Delhi.
  • Congratulations Prashant Ram Jadhao, Ram Dayal and Ejaz Ahmad for Special prize (second) for presentation on "Waste to Wealth" in 3rd INAE Youth Conclave, held at IIT Delhi.
  • Congratulations Sonit Balyan for Best Poster Presentation (First prize) in APCAT-8, 2019 held at Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Prof. K.K Pant delivered talk on "Low and High Temperature Biomass Conversion Technologies to Develop Green and Sustainable Product Centric Biorefineries" in International Conference on Advances in Catalysis: Industrial Outlook- 2019 held at Hyderabad, India.