I am an Assistant Professor in the Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) at IIT Delhi. I am also associated with the Cognitive Science MSc program and the School of AI.

I am interested in topics at the interface of syntax and semantics, particularly argument structure, multiword expressions and event semantics. I am interested in the representation and processing of such phenomena using computational models. More recently, I have worked on the psycholinguistic processing of complex events and lexical productivity.

My other area of research interest is the design, collection and evaluation of (linguistic) datasets. I have worked on treebank development as well as semantic role annotation (PropBank). Current work in this area includes improving the reliability of the linguistic annotation process using cognitive cues.

Languages I work on include Hindi, Marathi and Urdu.

Please explore the links above for information about my research projects, teaching and publications. My CV can be found here

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Last updated: 20th April 2021