Welcome to the Computational Many-Body Physics Group
We develop and use computational tools to probe physics of atomic and many-atomic complex systems


I work in the area of Computational Condensed Matter and Computational Atomic Physics. My research expertise encapsulates the development and use of computational tools to probe exciting physics and corresponding technological applications in atomic and many-atomic complex systems. My current research interests are:

  • Ferroelectric(Antiferroelectric) bulk and nanostructures
  • Ferromagnetic(Antiferromagnetic) bulk and nanostructures
  • Multiferroic bulk and nanostructures
  • Relaxor ferroelectric
  • Development and application of relativistic coupled-cluster based methods
  • Atomic clocks
  • Parity and time-reversal violation in atoms and ions
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  • Fock-space perturbed relativistic coupled-cluster theory for electric dipole polarizability of one-valence atomic systems: Application to Al and In, Phys. Rev. A. 106, 032801 (2022)
  • Low lattice thermal conductivity in Zintl phases Na2AuBi and Na2AuSb: An ab initio study, Phys. Rev. Mat. 6, 085404 (2022)
  • Experimental and first-principles studies on superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric La3Se4, Phys. Rev. B. 105, 014513 (2022)
  • Strain-tunable triple point Fermions in diamagnetic rare-earth half-Heusler alloys, Sci. Rep. 11, 12029 (2021)
  • Relativistic coupled-cluster calculation of the electric dipole polarizability and correlation energy of Cn, Nh+, and Og: Correlation effects from lighter to superheavy elements, Phys. Rev. A 103, 062803 (2021)
  • Strain driven emergence of topological non-triviality in YPdBi thin films, Sci. Rep. 11, 7535 (2021)
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