ELL 225 Control Systems


  • Introduction to Feedback Control

  • Differential Equations, Laplace Transforms, Transfer Function

  • Modelling Electrical, Mechanical, and Electro-mechanical Systems

  • Block Diagrams, Signal Flow Graph

  • State Space Representations, Non-linearities

  • Stability, Routh-Hurwitz Theorem

  • Steady State Error, Static Error Constants, Type Classification of Transfer Functions

  • Root Locus: Qualitative Sketching Rules

  • Root Locus: P, PI, PD, PID, Lag, Lead, and Lag-Lead Compensator Design, Notch Filters

  • Frequency Response: Bode Plots, Nyquist Stability Criterion

  • Gain Margin, Phase Margin, Sensitivity

  • Design Using Frequency Response

  • State Space Methods: Pole Placement, Observer Design, and Separation Principle

Reference books

  • ‘Control Systems Engineering’, by Norman S. Nise. Wiley.

  • ‘Feedback Control of Dynamical Systems’ by G. Franklin, J. Powell, A.Emami-Naemi. Pearson.

  • ‘Modern Control Systems’ by R. C. Dorf, R. H. Bishop. Prentice Hall.

  • ‘Modern Control Engineering’ by K. Ogata. Pearson.