Sarita Kumari,PhD 2022
Thesis: Land-atmosphere interactions in spring wheat croplands of India

Tanvi Gupta,PhD 2022
Thesis: A numerical study ion recovery processes in offshore wind farms. Tanvi is a Scientist at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting.

Shilpa Gahlot, PhD 2020
Thesis: Terrestrial carbon fluxes with a focus on spring wheat croplands of India. Shilpa is an Assitant Vice President at Swiss Re.

Sarika Jain, PhD 2018
Thesis: Numerical study of impact of urbanization in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor on surface air temperature. She is an Assistant Professor at Amity University.

Ajay Singh Rathore, MTech 2023
Thesis: S2S wind energy forecasting using AI and hybrid methods

Arunima Sarkar, MTech 2022
Thesis: S2S wind energy forecasting using AI methods

Wing Commander Himanshu Singh, M.Tech, 2021
Thesis: Fog forecasting using AI/ML techniques

Abhirup Bhattacharya, M.Tech, 2021
Thesis: Effect of upstream obstacles on solar and wind power plants.

Shivani Sharma, M.Tech, 2020
Thesis: Solar energy nowcasting using AI methods.

K Narender Reddy, M.Tech 2019
Thesis: Offshore wind farm layout optimization using the Genetic Algorithm method

Ashutosh Kumar, M.Tech 2019
Thesis: Aerosol and cloud effects on solar resources in India

Faizan Khan, M.Tech 2018
Thesis: Solar power forecasting using a numerical model

Ishant Singhal, M.Tech 2017
Thesis: An investigation of parameters that affect solar power production in Delhi.

Group Captain P. K. Arora, M.Tech 2017
Thesis: Numerical simulation of squall lines during the pre-monsoon season using the MPAS model

Group Captain L. E. Joseph, M.Tech 2015
Thesis: Impact of INSAT 3D Sounder data assimilation on thunderstorm simulation with Advanced Research WRF (ARW) model

L. Savita, M.Tech 2015
Thesis: Potential and spatio-temporal complemntarity of wind and solar resources in India