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Current Research

From Google Scholar - No. of Citations : 1683; h-index : 11; i10-index : 11
  1. Studying effect of aerosol chemical and microphysical properties on its hygroscopic behavior and cloud condensation nuclei formation to improve parameterization in climate models.
  2. Quantifying the effect of urban aerosol on cardiovascular and pulmonary function on healthy individuals through electro cardio graph, spirometry and personal exposure measurements.
  3. First time our group has developed an indigenous portable dilution system for aerosol quenching and measurement from combustion sources.
  4. Developing aerosol emission profile from on-field measurement of regionally important and poorly understood combustion sources such as open biomass burning in agricultural field, biomass fuel burning in cooking stove, brick kiln, and vehicles.
  5. Conducting source apportionment studies at national capital region, Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Bikaner.

Research Project Completed

  1. Infrastructure development for size resolved measurement of atmospheric and combustion aerosols, sponsored by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Grant INR 10 lakhs, July 2008 to July 2009 [Completed in 2009].

    Output: Two international publications and two M. tech thesis

  2. DST Fast Track: Development of portable dilution sampler and real time mass measurement and chemical characterization of aerosol from automobiles, Grant INR 25 lakhs, September 2011 to August 2014 [Completed in 2014].

    Output: Developed a portable dilution sampler for measurement of aerosol and gases from low temperature combustion. Five international publications and 1 PhD thesis.

Research Project Ongoing

  1. DST Extra Mural Research Funded: Understanding the role of seasonal variation in aerosol concentration and composition on cardio vascular illness among healthy and susceptible individuals of Delhi, Grant 74.3 thousand USD, December 2014 to December 2017 [On-going].

    Output: Two manuscripts are under preparation and 1 PhD Thesis submitted another PhD is on-going.

  2. Ministry of Environment and Forest Climate Change (MOEFCC) funded: National Carbonaceous Aerosol Program (NCAP) WG-III: Modeling carbonaceous aerosol source influence and atmospheric effects, Grant for Civil Engineering Department of IIT Delhi is USD 1.3 Million [On-going].

    Output: Developed a laboratory for Aerosol Research and Characterization. Developed a survey protocol for on-road transport sector. One publication submitted.

  3. Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board Source apportionment and identification of source locations for ambient PM2.5 measured over Ghaziabad using advanced factor analytic tools, Grant INR 52 lakhs [On-going].

Doctorate Thesis Supervised / Under Supervision

Supervised: 2 PhD Thesis
  1. Emissions of aerosol and gases from on road light duty vehicles.
  2. Role of urban aerosol and its constituents on respiratory and cardiovascular illness.

Master's Thesis Supervised / Under Supervision

Supervised: 13 Master’s Thesis
Under supervision: 3