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Spontaneous Imbibition in multi-layered porous medium.
Spontaneous Imbibition in interacting capillaries.
Reservoir simulation for methane production in heterogeneous hydrate reservoirs.
Flow through Porous Media Lab

What We Do

Welcome to Flow through Porous Media Lab at IIT Delhi. Our group uses theoretical and experimental techniques to understand the transport processes in the natural porous media. Currently, we focus on the enhanced oil recovery techniques, tracer techniques used in the oil reservoirs, unconventional energy resources like gas hydrates, geothermal energy and in-situ remediation of ground water. We use core-flooding experiments, reservoir simulations, pore-scale experiments and simulations to develop new technologies and improve on the technologies available. Apart from the applied research, we are also interested in understanding the fundamentals of the transport processes at pore scale and upscaling it to the large porous media.

Course on Introduction to Reservoir Engineering

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