01/04/2020 3rdiTech a startup of IIT Delhi starts the cohort accelerator program with Berkeley Skydeck. Berkeley Skydeck accelerator program runs from University of California, Berkeley and is one of the most prestigious program in Silicon Valley. YES we now have an office in Silicon valley.

05/03/2020 Representatives of the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL), USA, visited the solid state imaging lab. The team included Material and manufacturing directorate director Mr. Timothy Sakulich and Senior Scientist Dr. Daniel Miracle.

06/01/2020 Four papers are accepted for presentation in ISCAS 2020 from the lab. Congratulations to Neha, Bhuvan, Chandani and Amandeep.

23/12/2019 3rdiTech, a Startup of image sensor lab at IIT Delhi was awarded the ADB (Army Design Bureau) Award of Excellence for work in low light imaging. The award was presented by Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat. Congratulations to the team.

03/2019 Five students of Image sensor lab has sucessfully submitted their thesis. All between January and March of 2019. Congratulation and good luck to them.

02/2019 Image sensor lab secures around 0.5 million $ for devlopmental activites in position sensing.

10/2018 Image sensor lab starts second start-up company 3rdi Technologies which will focus on design and development of commercial grade vision sensor for surveillance applications.

28/10/2017 The paper submitted by Amandeep Kaur in ISOCC 2017 on Bandgap reference circuit for LSI has been selected for the best paper award. Congratulation Amandeep.

03/08/2016 The paper submitted by Chandani Anand in APPCAS 2016 on background light subtraction circuit for ToF cameras has been selected in the top 10 student papers in the conference. She won the travel grant for the conference. Congratulation Chandani.

25/05/2016 The brief titled "Non-Linearity Estimation for Compensation of Phase Interpolator in Bang-Bang CDRs" has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems. Congratulations Archit.

12/01/2016 Congratulations to Amandeep for her accepted paper "A Low Power Low Latency Comparator for Ramp ADC in CMOS Imagers" in ISCAS 2016.

26/11/2015 Congratulations to Jitesh for his accepted paper "Bitline Charge Recycling Through Capacitor for Write Cycle of High Density SRAM Memories" in VLSI 2016. The paper is accepted as a user track paper.

16/11/2015 High dynamic range imager.

10/10/2015 High speed imager.

15/09/2015 Wiley VCH published a chapter on "Bioinspired optical imaging" written by me.

15/07/2015 Congrats to Deepak Mishra for his paper "Reflection Based Blood Pulsation Measurement Using Linear Polarization of Light" at IEEE Sensors conference 2015.
The abstract submitted by Deepak Mishra is accepted for presentation at IEEE Sensors conference 2015.

30/05/2015 Cyclic ADC for image sensors.

16/3/2015 Congrats to Deepak Mishra, his paper has been accepted for publication with IEEE Sensors Journal.
The paper talks about blood pulsation monitoring using polarized light. The experimental work was done by Deepak for his M.Tech thesis. The two other co-authors Gavit Gogna and Anubhav Barsaiyan are undergraduate students. Good work !!.

06/03/2015 Congrats to B. Bhuvan for his first paper at IISW 2015
The abstract submitted by B. Bhuvan is accepted for presentation at IISW 2015. IISW is the best platform for image sensor research highlights.

12/01/2015 TI Analog day
Will give a talk on analog electronics and cameras on TI Analog day on 12th January, 2015 at IIT Delhi.

30/12/2014 Background light substraction for ToF cameras.

15/11/2014 Electronics behind analog/digital cameras
Delivered a invited talk on the basic electronics behind analog/digital cameras at 5th International conference on Advances in Electronics and Communication Technology, ACET 2014.

12/9/2014 High speed data converters..

11/09/2014 Electronics behind analog/digital cameras
Delivered a invited talk on the basic electronics behind analog/digital cameras at IIIT Delhi.

21/08/2014 SSCS talk on Advances in Analog Circuits.
Delivered a invited talk on advances in analog circuits at a one day workshop conducted by SSCS and Bharati Vidyapeeth. Delhi.

12/6/2014 First tapeout from group PhD students..

10/2/2014 Wideband amplifiers taped out.

01/01/2014 Position vacant for a project associate in the group.
The group is looking for a project associate to work on image sensors. The applicant must have a good knowledge on silicon devices. Please send me your CV for consideration !!!

01/01/2014 Collaborations with AKAB Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
The group is exploring in the domain of biomedical instrumentation. It will work in collaboration with medical doctors for design/development of imaging modules for medical applications.

01/01/2014 ISRO awards research grant to the group.
Indian Space Research Organization grants a research project to set up an image sensor charaterization facility at IIT Delhi.

06/12/2013 Seminar delivered on science forum of IRDE, DRDO
A seminar on "Biologically inspired vision" was delivered in the science forum of Instrumentation Research and Development organization of DRDO in Dehradun.

25/11/2013 BRNS-DAE young scientist reseach grant.
Board of Research on Nuclear Science of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, recommendes young sceintist reseach grant to me. The research grant is to study the effects of radiations on image sensors.

15/11/2013 Woodhead publishing limited published the chapter written by me and Albert Theuwissen on smart sensors.

9/11/2013 Sarthak and Amogh wins BOSS award of IIT Delhi.
Congratulations to Sarthak and Amogh for wining the BOSS award for best B.Tech project for the year 2012-2013 in the Electrical Engineering Department. This was also groups first B.Tech project with prof. Bhaumik as co-supervisor. BOSS award is awarded for the best innovative hardcore experimental/design project in the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Delhi.

22/4/2013 First set of image sensors taped-out.
Congratulations to all the people involved in the design. Looking forward for many more from the research group in the coming months.

4/3/2013 Conference paper accepted for publication at Internation Image Sensor Workshop.
The conference paper titled "Feed-forward effect in standard CMOS pinned photodiodes" is accepted for publications in the coming International Image Sensor Workshop IISW 2013.

30/1/2013 Springer book published.

3/1/2013 Journal paper accepted for publication in IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices.
The journal paper titled "Feed-forward effect in standard CMOS pinned photodiodes" is accepted for publications in the Transaction on Electron Devices.

2/1/2013 Four new PhD research students joins the lab.
Four PhD students, Chandani Anand, Indu Bharati, Vimal Kumar and Kapil Jainwal joins the research lab to work on Solid state imagers. Welcome to the lab !!

13/12/2012 One day workshop on Solid State Imagers at NIT Silchar.
Conducted a one day workshop on Solid State Imagers for biomedical applications at National Institute of Technology, Silchar, Assam, India.

3/12/2012 Journal paper accepted for publication in IEEE Sensors.
The journal paper titled "Biologically Inspired CMOS Image Sensor for Fast Motion and Polarization Detection" is accepted for publications in the IEEE Sensors journal.

5/10/2012 First draft of the book based on my PhD thesis sent for review.

11/09/2012 Accepted paper for oral presentation at ICST 2012.
The paper titled "Bio-inspired Object Classification using Polarization Imaging" is accepted for oral presentation at the 6th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST2012). Congratulations Aroma. Aroma Mahendru is a student of IIT BHU and was a summer intern in my lab this year.

03/08/2012 - Delivered a tutorial lecture on "CMOS Image Sensors" at workshop for Integrated Circuits Development for Imaging conducted by Solid State Physics Laboratory, Defence Research and Development Organization, Delhi, India.

01/07/2012 - OPN (Optics and Photonics News) published by Optical Society of America in their current edition published my article on "Vision Sensors in Automobiles: An Indian Perspective"

04/06/2012 - Reviewed a book for Wiley publictions on Electronic Instrumentation

29/04/2012 - Call for papers - ICST 2012
The 6th International Conference on Sensing Technology will be held in Kolkata, India. I have proposed a special session on CMOS Vision Sensors for machine vision.

16/03/2012 - 1T MIG Pixel
pixpolar introduces 1-Transistor MIG pixel.

16/03/2012 - Special Issue of IEEE Sensors Journal
Invited to submit a paper for the special issue of IEEE Sensors Journal.

1/03/2012 - OSA Imaging Systems Applications conference
OSA (The Optical Society) calls for papers on Imaging Systems and Applications conference to be held in Monterey, California, US. The abstract submission deadline is 5 March 2012. I am invited to join the technical programme committee.

28/02/2012 - ISSCC 2012 Report on imaging sensors
Albert Theuwissen presents 2 more reports on the image sensors presented in the ISSCC 2012.

24/02/2012 - ISSCC 2012 Report on imaging sensors
Albert Theuwissen comapres two sensors from Samsung for depth sensing presented in the ongoing ISSCC.

23/02/2012 - ISSCC 2012 Report on medical sensors
Albert Theuwissen published a summary of the medical sensors presented in the ongoing ISSCC 2012.

23/02/2012 - Scientists boycott Elsevier
What started as a protest from a few mathematicians has exploded into a worldwide boycott of publisher Elsevier by scientists from all disciplines.