Dr. Sudip K. Pattanayek
Department of Chemical Engineering

About Me

I joined IIT Delhi in January 2007. My research interest is structure and dynamics of Proteins at Interfaces, Aggregation of Proteins, Polymer-surfactant interactions, Rheology of dilute polymer solution, Polymer nanocomposites, Interfacial Rheology, Rheology of slurry. Experimentals, theories and molecular simulation techniques such as MC, MD, BDS, SCFT are used to understand the above systems.

Contact Information

Dr. Sudip K. Pattanayek
Block II, 283
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016
Tel: (91)-11-2659-1018 (O), 7018/7365 (Lab)

Email: sudip@chemical.iitd.ac.in

Macromolecules and Interfaces Laboratory
Block III, 186
Tel: (91)-11-2659-7108