Vamsi Krishna Komarala

Solar Photovoltaics group

Department of Energy Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Ph. D. Supervision

(1) Dr Nikhil Chander (2015) - Assistant Professor in Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai
Thesis Topic: Enhanced light harvesting in dye-sensitized solar cells by using metal nanoparticles, up-converting and down-shifting nanophosphors.

(2) Dr Sanjay K. Sardana (2016) – Assistant Professor in Devi Lal University in Haryana
Thesis Topic: Plasmonic structures for light coupling enhancement in silicon solar cells

(3) Dr Eshwar Thouti (2017)-Scientist in CSIR-Central Electronics Engg. Research Inst.-Pilani
Topic: Plasmonics for silicon solar cells: influence on optical and electronic properties of a device

(4) Dr Siva Chandra Sekhar P (2017)
Thesis Topic: Dye-sensitized and perovskite solar cells performance enhancement using plasmonic metal nanostructures and nanocomposites

(5) Dr Piyush Kumar Parashar (2018)
Thesis Topic: Plasmonic silicon solar cells: Influence of metal and hybrid nanostructured layers on optoelectronic properties of the device.

(6) Dr. Mrutyunjay Nayak (2020)
Thesis Topic: Carrier-selective contact-based silicon heterojunction solar cells: Fabrication and device characterization.

(7) Dr. Sapna Mudgal (2021)
Thesis Topic: Investigation of charge carrier transport behaviour in silicon heterojunction solar cells

(8) Dr. Krishna Singh (2021)
Thesis Topic: Carrier-selective contact silicon solar cells: Role of silicon morphology and ageing on device performance.