V. V. K. Srinivas Kumar

Dept. of Mathematics

Papers Authored/Coauthored in International Journals

Various Committees and Duties

Departmental Duties

2009-10: Time Table incharge for less than an year.

2012-13: Faculty Resources incharge for more than an year.

2012-14: PhD Coordinator for about two years.

2012-14: DRC member for about two years.

2012-13: Placement Incharge.

2011-12: Training Incharge.

2009 MT5 Program Advisor.

2011 MT5 Program Advisor.

2015-16: DRC Member.

2015-16: Lab Committee Member.

2015-16: Faculty Affairs incharge.

Institute Level Duties

Associate Warden, Kumaon Hostel, 27 January 2015--31 May 2015.

Warden, Kumaon Hostel, 1 June 2015--20 August 2015.

GATE and JEE duties.

Inter IIT Staff Sports Meet

2014: 22-26 December in IIT Bombay Athletics Team .

2015: 23-28 December in IIT Madras Athletics Team .