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   Projects of the Simulation & Control Group (A. Chawla & S. Mukherjee)


Introduction to Airbag

Computational Geometry based Tools

FE mesh generation for folded airbags

This work presents the results of a novel approach to obtaining a geometric mesh of a given airbag after a series of folds are defined on it, for use in crash simulations. The process of airbag folding is simulated as a series of geometric transformations applied on to the airbag mesh, which is modeled as a stack of connected planar layers. Along with these transformations, optimization techniques are used to ensure that there is minimum change in the geometry and the area of the airbag. The results from this approach are compared with several other commercial airbag folding software, and it is observed that the algorithm proves to be very effective in ensuring minimum change in the area and geometry of the airbag during the folding process.


This project was aimed at developing a software for folding airbags which would lead to minimum changes in the geometry and area of the airbag.

figure 1 shows an airbag inflated after being folded by own technique. the % change in area was -.1% & in volume -1.4% .On the other hand figure 2 shows the result obtained from the folding technique available in RAM CRASH . The % change in area -30% and in volume -20%

Fig 1:Airbag inflated after folding from Our Algorithm             (S. Mukherjee et al.,2004)
(Change in Area 0.1%, Volume 1.4%)


Fig 2:Airbag inflated after folding is  PAM CRASH              (S. Mukherjee et al.,2004)
(Change in Area 30%, Volume 20%)


People Involved:


  1. Dr. A. Chawla
  2. Dr. S. Mukherjee

Students & Staff:

  1. Anesh Sharma
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Related Publication:
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