Kundu B, Bansal S, Mishra P. Mutants of L-Asparaginase. US Patent No.9322008. (2016)

* Tomar R, Kundu B. A bonsai form of archeal L-asparaginase with improved activity and stability: Filed (Ref: India- 1236/DEL/2014; filed dated May 7, 2014).

* Tomar R, Kundu B. N-terminal domain of Pyrococcus furiosus L-Asparaginase as small molecular chaperone: Filed (Ref: India- 642/DEL/2013; filed dated March 5, 2013).

* Bansal S, Mishra P, Kundu B. A novel variant of L-asparaginase and its use therof: Filed (Ref: India- 2090/DEL/2010; filed dated September 1, 2010 ). 


Room No.204, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi)
Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016 , INDIA


Email: bkundu@bioschool.iitd.ac.in, kundudr@yahoo.com
011 2659 1037 & 2659 6104
011 2658 2282

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