Welcome to the Complex Systems and Neural Dynamics Lab

In the CSND lab, our primary focus is to understand the dynamics in the brain, although we are broadly interested in complex systems in general - for example, ecological and evolutionary dynamics, languages etc. We are housed within the computer technology group in the Electrical Engineering Department.

We develop and use tools for discovering and modeling dynamical patterns in the brain across scales, from the single neuron level to EEG recordings that reflect the aggregate activity of millions of neurons. Please see our research page for details of our work.

We are also beginning some experimental work on cognition using EEG in the lab, and thinking about how the study of cognition can be taken outside the lab, in real-world contexts. For this, we are looking to develop wearables and algorithms to estimate brain state, moods or emotions in day to day contexts.

We are a fun group who like to experiment, try new directions and ideas without bounding ourselves. We also like to build stuff (small electronics that solve our small problems etc.).

We are looking for enthusiastic new PhD students, Masters and undergraduate students to join the team (more info) !


1 April 2023

Lab welcomes new RA, Pragya Verma!

23 March 2023

Saurabh was part of panel discussion on Neurobiology of Cognition at IIT-Delhi.

13 March 2023

Our paper characterizing the spectral differentiation metric is published in Frontiers of Computational Neuroscience.

15 February 2023

Out conference paper on the use of fractional order differential equations for modeling neural spiking got accepted at ICFDA 2023.

13 January 2023

We will be hosting the IBRO SPRING SCHOOL ON COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE AND AI at IIT-Delhi in March 2023. Details here.

3 January 2023

Lab welcomes a new PhD student, Prakash Mishra!

20 November 2022

Our paper on the cortical effects of claustrum stimulation in the mouse brain is published in Neuron.

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