1. Design and development of biodegradable metal implants for orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications. (Ongoing)
  2. Experimental investigations and modelling of magnetic field assited near dry EDM ang magnetic field assisted powder mixed EDM process. (Co-PI: Dr. Sunil Jha) (Ongoing)
  3. Design and development of magneto and elctro rheological systems, Aprox. 77 Lakh. PI- Dr. Sunil jha(Ongoing)
  4. Experimental investigations and modelling of ultrasonic assistance on jet electrochemical micro drilling process, Women Scientist Project Mentor sponsored by DST New Delhi, Approx. Rs. 27 Lakh (completed).
  5. Modelling of advanced materials for simulation of transformative manufacturing processes, Sponsored by EPSRC-DST forum, Approx 240 lakh, (Partners: IISc Banglore, IIT Guwahati, Loborough and Oxford University UK) Dec. 2014-Dec 2017 (completed).
  6. Development of CNC Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF) System, Sponsored by DST New Delhi, Rs.122.39 Lakh (PI: Dr Sunil Jha) (completed).
  7. Development and fabrication of ultrasonic barrel cleaning device for artillery & AFV gun barrels, Sponsored by Army Technology Board, Approx 30 Lakh (completed).
  8. Development of cryogenically cooled vibratory EDM process to machine hard materials and conducting ceramics, Sponsored by DST New Delhi, Approx 37 Lacs, Project duration: Sep 2010-Oct 2013, (Co-PI: Dr Sudarsan Ghosh and Dr Sunil Jha) (completed).
  9. Experimental investigations and analysis of ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing process, Sponsored by CSIR New Delhi, Approx 25 Lacs, Project duration: Nov 2009-Nov 2013 (Co-PI: Dr Sunil Jha) (completed).
  10. Development of Biodegradable plastic composite scaffolds for bone growth through microcellular injection molding, Sponsored by DBT, Approx. 48 Lacs, PI: Prof Naresh Bhatnagar (completed).
  11. Improvement of part quality in selective laser sintering by study & control of surface roughness, 11.68 Lacs, Sponsored by CSIR New Delhi (Co-PI: Prof PVM Rao) (completed).


  1. Central Excise Department work, 0.35 Lacs, October 2010.
  2. Proposal has been submitted through FITT to Research Center Imarat (RCI) Hyderabad for design and development of MRAFF Machine: Sunil Jha and P M Pandey
  3. Consultancy for Hans Metals Limited, Bharwa Sumerpur, Hamirpur. 1998.
  4. Capacity Evaluation and Measurement of Reheat Induction Furnace Plants at Kanpur, Orai and Bharwa Sumerpur. Central Excise Department, 1999-2000.
  5. Capacity Evaluation/Measurement of Rolling Mills for local industries of Kanpur, Central Excise Department, 1998-99.