Full-Time Ph.D:

Arun Kumar

Ph.D - 2018MEZ8582

(Shared with Prof. Sunil Jha)

email- mez188582@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Additive Manufacturing

Gaurav Tripathi

Ph.D - 2018MEZ8588

email- mez188588@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Powder Metallurgy

Garima Dixit

Ph.D - 2018MEZ8587

email- mez188587@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Additive Manufacturing

Shitanshu Arya

Ph.D - 2018MEZ8599

email- mez188599@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Non-Conventional Machining

Priyabrata Das

Ph.D - 2020MEZ8104

email- mez208104@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Powder Metallurgy

Patel Brijeshkumar Hasmukhbhai

Ph.D - 2020MEZ8824

(Shared with Prof. Sunil Jha)

email- mez208824@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Additive Manufacturing

Snehal Arun Shende

Ph.D - 2020MEZ8830

(Shared with Prof. Sunil Jha)

email- mez208830@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Smart Manufacturing

Neetesh Kumar Sah

Ph.D - 2020MEZ8828

(Shared with Prof. S Ghosh)

email- mez208828@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Machining and Additive Manufacturing

Shubham Shankar Mohol

Ph.D - 2021MEZ8408

(Shared with Prof. Sunil Jha)

email- mez208104@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Additive Manufacturing

Part-time Ph.D:

Naveen Verma

Ph. D -2018MEZ8592

email- mez188592@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Additive Manufacturing

M.S (Research):

Shivani Srivastava

M.S(R) -2020MEY7646

email- mez207646@mech.iitd.ac.in

Thesis Area - Additive Manufacturing

Ph.D Completed:

    1. Rudranayan Kandi, Experimental invstigations and characterizations of tracheal scaffolds using solvent based 3D printing. (October, 2022)
    2. Sharaf U Nisa, Some Investigations in the Development Of Aluminum 6063 Metal Foam Through Friction Stir Processing. (shared with Prof. Sunil Pandey) (October, 2021)
    3. Mayank Srivastava, Development and analysis of double-disc chemical-assisted magneto-rheological finishing process. (August, 2021)
    4. Dipesh Kumar Mishra, Development of porous Fe scaffolds with improved properties by using micro-extrusion-based 3D printing and microwave sintering. (August, 2021)
    5. Usharani Rath, Experimental investigations and modelling of oriented polymeric composites developed by magnetic field assisted 3D printing for microwave shielding applications. (July, 2021)
    6. Ajit Kumar, Development of magnesium-based biomaterial with improved properties using microwave sintering and ultrasonic assisted sintering. (June, 2021)
    7. Jasvinder Singh, Experimental investigations and characterizations of cardiovascular stent fabricated by solvent cast 3D printing technique. (April, 2021)
    8. Jagtar Singh, Development and experimental investigations into electric discharge machining using rapidly manufactured complex shape electrodes with cooling channels. (October, 2020)
    9. Ravinder Pal Singh, Development of rotary ultrasonic bone drilling machine and experimental investigations on human bone. (October 2020)
    10. Abhishek Pandey, Some investigations on the effects of Advanced Submerged Arc Welding (ASAW) process and paste technique in minimizing wear. (shared with Prof. Sunil Pandey)
    11. Dayanidhi K Pathak, Development of zinc based biodegradable material with improved mechanical and degradation properties. (October 2020)
    12. Gurminder Singh, Experimental Investigations into Ultrasonic Assisted Pressureless Sintering for Rapid Manufacturing of Copper Components, November 2019.
    13. Col. Gaurav Singh,Study of select issues in risk management of Indian defence procurement system, October 2019. (Shared with Prof. Ravi Shankar)
    14. Neha Bhadauria, Development of alumina reinforced aluminium matrix composite on the surface of aluminium alloy, July 2020. (shared with Prof. Sunil Pandey)
    15. Puneet Mangla, Study on manufacturing practices in MSME for improvement in productivity, June, 2019. (Shared with Dr. Ashish Agarwal, Registered at IGNOU University)
    16. Dilpreet Singh, Design, manufacturing and evaluation of customized elbow implant, June 2019.(Shared with Dr. D. Kalyanasundaram)
    17. Pawan Sharma, Rapid development of porous iron scaffold with improved degradation rate and mechanical properties, January 2019.
    18. Hardikkumar Shashikantbhai Beravala, Experimental investigations and modeling of magnetic field-air/gas assisted electric discharge machining, October 2018.
    19. Girish Chandra Verma, Experimental investigations and modeling of ultrasonic assisted end milling, October 2018.
    20. Lokesh Upadhyay, Experimental investigations and analysis of magneto-rheological fluid based electric discharge machining process,(Regisrited at YMCAUSE, Faridabad) (With Dr. M L Aggarwal)
    21. Harsha Goel, Experimental investigations and modeling of ultrasonic assisted jet electrochemical micro-drilling process, August 2018.
    22. Palab Biswas, Analysis of reconfigurability paradigms in supply chain perpective, April 2018. (with Prof Ravi Shankar)
    23. Virendra Mishra, Experimental investigations and modeling of electric discharge grinding of inconel 601, April 2018.
    24. Kheelraj Pandey, Experimental investigations and modeling of surface roughness of silicon wafer polished by chemically assisted double disk magnetic abrasive finishing, March 2018.
    25. Aviral Mishra, On the modeling, simulation and optimization of ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing process, February 2018.
    26. Vipin Shukla, Experimental investigations and analysis of ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing process with bonded abrasives and efficacoiusly designed electromagnet, December 2017.
    27. Anil Jain, Experimental investigations and analysis of micro rotary ultrasonic machining process, May 2017.
    28. Varun Sharma, Experimental investigations and modelling of ultrasonic assisted turning with self lubricating textured cutting inserts, April, 2017.
    29. Nishant Singh, Experimental, investigations and analysis of air assisted electric disc machining with perforated tools, March 2017. (Registered at IIT ISM Dhanbad)
    30. Vishal Gupta, Experimental investigations and modeling of ultrasonic assisted bone drilling: a vivo study, February 2017.
    31. J P Singh, Rapid manufacturing and quality studies of open cell porous regular interconnected structures, March 2016.
    32. Prateek Kala, Experimental investigations and modeling of double disk magnetic abrasive finishing process, March 2015.
    33. Mridul Singh Rajput, Experimental investigations and modeling of ultrasonic assisted jet electrodepositing process for micro-part fabrication, December 2014 (with Dr Sunil Jha).
    34. Kanwaljeet Singh, Design and development of simple orthosis for treatment of clubfoot, December 2014 (with Prof Alok Ray).
    35. M K Satyarthi, Experimental investigations and modeling of electric discharge machining process, Synopsis completed, Dec 2014.
    36. Anant Kumar Singh, Experimental investigations and modeling of Ball End Magneto Rheological Finishing Process, Oct 2013 (with Dr Sunil Jha).
    37. Vineet Srivastava, Experimental investigations and analysis of ultrasonically assisted cryogenically cooled EDM Process, July 2013
    38. Rahul S Mulik, Experimental investigations and analysis of ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing process, May 2011.
    39. K M Patel, Experimental instigations into electro discharge machining of TiC particles and SiC whiskers reinforced alumina ceramic composite, February 2011 (with Prof. P.V. Rao).
    40. K Senthilkumaran, Experimental investigations and shape realizability studies in selective laser sintering, Ph.D. thesis, December 2009 (with Prof.PVM Rao).
    41. P K Jain, Experimental and computational studies related to part strength in selective laser sintering, Ph.D. thesis, June 2009 (with Prof. PVM Rao)
    42. S K Singhal, Optimum part deposition orientation and adaptive slicing in SL and SLS prototyping, PhD Thesis, January 2008 (with Prof. AK Nagpal)

M. Tech Completed:

    1. Ankit, Experimental investigation and characterizatiom of plasma treated surface of 3D printed part, May 2020.
    2. Shivam Sahu, development of metallic stent with the help of rapid prototyping and sintering, May 2020.
    3. Harshish Gupta, Meaurement and analysis of machining forces in electric discharge grinding, May, 2019.
    4. Rahul Bhushan, Magnetic field assisted powder mix electric discharge machining, May 2017.
    5. Abhishek Kumar, Incremental sheet metal froming, May 2016.
    6. Utpal Sharma, Fused deposition modeling, May 2016.
    7. Major Reddy, Ultrasonic assisted barrel cleaning, May 2016.
    8. Akshay Kumar, Ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing, May 2015.
    9. Major R P Singh, Ultrasonic assisted barrel cleaning, May 2015.
    10. Nitesh Sihag, Experimental investigations into chemo-MAF process, May 2014.
    11. Navendra Pratap Singh, Improved EDG processing of hard steels, May 2013.
    12. Aman Rusia, Ultrasonic assisted incremental forming process, May 2013.
    13. Girish Chandra Verma, Ball End MRF process using permanent magnets, May 2013.
    14. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Micromachining by cryogenically cooled EDM tool, May 2013.
    15. Ritesh Dadhich, Torque and force measurement in Ball End MRF process, May 2013.
    16. Ashutosh Arora, Setup for comparative performance evaluation of selective coatings for receiver of parabolic dish solar radiation reflector, May 2012.
    17. Vivekanand Singh, Experimental investigations into cryogenically cooled vibratory EDM of conducting ceramics, May 2012.
    18. Ranjeet Kumar, Modeling of vibratory EDM process, May 2012.
    19. Gaurav Singh, Design and development of cleaning device to remove metallic deposits from a spiral grooved cylinder, May 2012.
    20. Tarun Yadav, Wear studies on surfaces finished by UAMAF process (with Prof J Bijwe), May 2011.
    21. Anoj Meena, Experimental investigations into wire EDM, May 2011.
    22. Sumit Kumar, Ultrasonic assisted MAF of copper alloy, May 2011.
    23. Vivek Mishra, Analyzing the temperature destitution in MAF process using FEM, May 2011.
    24. Parth U Shah, Development of customized arch support for planatar faciitis using RP, May 2011.
    25. Nenavat Suresh, Experimental instigations into the micro-EDM of shape memory alloy, (with Dr S Jha).
    26. Rai Ruchika, Modeling of voxel sintering in SLS process using finite element analysis, May 2010.
    27. Rahul R. Choudari, Selective laser sintering of carbon fiber filled polyamide, May2009.
    28. Parida Sushil Kumar, Surface roughness modeling of glass filled polyamide SLS prototypes, M.Tech. thesis, May 2009.
    29. Dev Anand, Experimental investigations into micro-EDM of Al-SiC MMC (with Dr. S. Arvindan) May 2007.
    30. Govardhana J., CNC machining of staircases in RP parts to improve surface finish for wind tunnel testing (With Dr. P. V. M. Rao) May 2007.
    31. Harsha Vardhan, Study of effect of process parameters on strength in porous SLS parts, M.Tech.thesis, May 2006
    32. Prasant Bacchewar, Surface roughness modeling of SLS processed parts, M.Tech. thesis, May 2006.
    33. N. Raghunath, Improving accuracy through shrinkage modeling in SLS process, M.Tech.thesis, May 2006.
    34. V. K. Kumbhar, Improved intermediate point curve model for integrating reverse engineering and rapid prototyping, M.Tech. thesis, May 2005 (with Dr. P. V. M. Rao).
    35. G. Gopi, Effect of process parameters on part strength in Selective Laser Sintering, M.Tech., thesis, May 2005 (with Dr. P. V. M. Rao)
    36. Anand Prakash Pandey, Optimum part deposition orientation in stereolithography, M.Tech., Thesis, December 2004.