Complex Flows in Complex Domains


Fluid mechanics is a mature science, knowledge of which helps in predicting and thereby improving engineering processes and design. In real world scenario, fluid flow happens within complex shaped domains and often involves evolving fluid-solid and fluid-fluid interfaces. Examples of these are multiphase flows, flows through porous media and flows undergoing phase change. We focuses on the development of geometry agnostic flow solvers in such domains with spatio-temporal complexity.

Our techniques include meshfree techniques such as the Smoothed Particle Hydrodyanamics (SPH), mesoscopic discrete simulation techniques, machine learning and traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Job Opportunities

Extension of a liquid bridge simulated using SPH (please press play).

If you are from the industry seeking solutions in mechanics of fluids or fluid-solid interactions, an academic with ideas for collaboration or a student willing to learn through hands on coding and analysis of simulation results, please write to one of us here.

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