Complex Flows in Complex Domains


Traditional fluid flow simulation techniques rely on a mesh. While accurate solutions are possible, often these techniques are incapable of simulating flow physics involving complex flows (such as multi-phase, surface tension dominant, phase changing) in complex geometries (such as constantly deforming boundaries, solid interfaces, pore spaces and free surfaces). Our lab focuses on the development of geometry agnostic flow solvers in domains with spatio-temporal complexity.

We use meshfree techniques such as the Smoothed Particle Hydrodyanamics, mesoscopic discrete simulation techniques, Octree based automatically meshed Finite Volume Method etc. Often, the problems we attack demand coupled solution of other physcial phenomena like granular flow, granular packing characterization, collision dynamics, flow through porous media, heat transfer, solid-liquid phase change to name a few. Our hearts go to industrially relevant problems where multiple physical phenomena and multiple spatio-temporal scales meet.

Laser beam melting of a particle packing (please press play).


International collaborative PhD opportunity between IIT Delhi and University of Queensland. For details of the project click here. Prospective students can apply here. It is and exciting problem at the interface of data science, sustainability engineering and fluid mechanics.

If you are from the industry seeking solutions, an academic with supplementing or complementing ideas or a student willing to learn through hands on coding and analysis of simulation results, please write to one of us here.

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