Research Interests

Biogas is an effective, renewable fuel with numerous benefits including environmental, energy, economic and waste management which can be commenced in rural, urban, and industrial area. Biogas is emerging as a viable and sustainable route for managing waste and utilizing its products and therefore reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to meet energy needs. There is a need of extensive R&D in this field to make it viable option and also to create awareness through various training programmes and other activities.

Anaeroic Digestion

Our group is continuously involvoed in developing anaerobic digestion of various biomass which ultimately produces biogas which is mixture of Methane, Carbon-di-oxide and some traces of other gases. Methane is a clean fuel compare to the other petroleum products. We have used non-conventional biomass feed stocks such as Jatropha and pongamia de-oiled cake, De-oiled rice bran, Mixed fruit and vegetable food waste, Paddy & wheat straw etc. other than dung. There are three stage of biogas laboratory scale, 300 L/day capacity and then 25 m3/day capacity of digesters.


Biogas Enrichment and Bottling

Raw Biogas is low grade fuel with 20 MJ/m3 of calorific value due to present of CO2. Whereas, upgraded biogas has calorific value of approx 32 MJ/m3 depending upon methane content. At IIT Delhi we also engaged in developing low cost sustainable systems for biogas upgradation system mainly water scrubbing and pressure swing adsorption. We have developed low cost small scale water scrubbing system for upgrading the biogas with methane purity of more than 95% in upgraded gas.

biomass biomass

CO2 separation from biogas

Cost economic and effective for biomethane production from biogas and bioCO2 separation and recovery from the secondary gas stream of biogas upgradation plant is also important. The work based on water scrubbing technology which is the simplest, most sustainable and eco-friendly technology. The bioCO2 will be utilized for various applications such as green house for crop production, grain fumigation and dry ice formation.

Biomethane bottling

The upgraded biogas is equivaletnt to natural gas and ways of storing for vehical application is compression. We have fully equipped bottling system at IIT Delhi. We are also developing adsorption based cylinders for various application, which uses low pressure to store with higher amount of gas compare to compression phenomenon.

H2S removal

Biochar and biogas slurry based H2S removal systems are also under investigation in our laboratory.

Other Research Interests

Renewable Energy Sources

Bio Energy Applications for Rural Areas

Animal Power

Rural Industrialization

Sustainable Development and Environment

Waste Management Systems

Cow-dung and Urine Based Products(Panchagavya)

Biomass Gasification