Naresh V. Datla, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Toronto
M.E., IISc Bangalore
B.Tech, NIT Warangal

Tauheed Mohammad
Ph.D. scholar
M.Tech., IIT Bombay

Naveen Kumar Sahu
with Prof. A. Chawla
Ph.D. scholar (Part-time)
M.Tech., IIT Delhi

Pydi Yeswanth Sai
with Prof. A. Chawla
Ph.D. scholar
M.Tech., IIT Indore

Ankit malik
with Prof. A. Chawla
Ph.D. scholar
M.Tech., IIT BHU

Tesfaye O. Terefe
with Prof. A. Chawla
Ph.D. scholar
MSc, Jimma Institute of Technology, Ethiopia

Ashique Ellahi
with Prof. A. Chawla
Ph.D. scholar (Part-time)
M.Tech., IIT Delhi

Rahul Kumar
M.Tech student
B.Tech., YMCA UST Faridabad

Rikin Nanote
M.Tech student
B.E., SIESGST Mumbai University



Dr. Amit Chanda (with Prof. Sujeet Sinha), Ph.D. Oct 2022, Fracture, Tribology, and Conductivity of Electric Field-Aligned CNF/Epoxy Nanocomposites

Dr. Ved Prakash Sharma, Ph.D. May 2022, Fracture Characterization and Analysis of Lead-Free Solder Joints

Dr. Akhilesh Dadaniya, Ph.D. Oct 2020, Adhesion Durability of Encapsulant-Glass Interface in Photovoltaic Module


Ravinu Garg, M.S(R)-2016, Enhancement in peeling strength of thin films: Film hetrogenity and substrate topology


Ankit Rajpoot (with Prof A. Chawla), M.Tech-2022, Penetration response of kevlar composite against sharp projectiles

Swapnil Jain, M.Tech-2021, Impact behaviour of automotive adhesive joints

Saurabh Sudhir Dharme, M.Tech-2020, Adhesion failure analysis of POE encapsulated PV module

Sivaragavi S A (wiith Prof A. Chawla), M.Tech-2020, Dynamic characterization of soft tissues

Vinay Arora (with Prof A. Chawla), M.Tech-2020, Characterization of ceramic honeycombs

Vivek Yadav, M.Tech-2019, Fracture characterization of degraded composite laminates

Pratyush Mishra (with Prof A. Chawla), M.Tech-2019, Computational modelling of the biomechanics of human brain under primary blast loading

Bharat Meena, M.Tech-2018, Low velocity impact response of composite sandwich panels

Omkar Patil, M.Tech-2017, Mixed-mode failure analysis of composite adhesive joints

Ajinkya Deshmukh (with Dr. J.P. Khatait), M.Tech-2016, Needle insertion modeling in multi-layered soft tissue

Vikram Srivastav, M.Tech-2015, Delamination behavior of composites used in wind turbine blades