Currently teaching, Jan 2023

Designing with Advanced Materials (MCL730)

Mechanical Engineering Drawing (MCL201, Coordinated by Prof. Sujeet Sinha)

Courses coordinated

Design and Optimization (MCL742: Jul-Nov 2015-18)

Designing with Advanced Materials (MCL730: Jan-May 2015-19, 2021)

CAD and Finite Element Analysis (MCL735: Jul-Nov 2021-22)

Engineering Visualization and Communication (MCP100: Jul-Nov 2019-20, Jan-May 2020-21)

Seminar Course (MCQ301: Jan-May 2016-18; Jul-Nov 2016-18)

Fracture Mechanics in Design (MCV849: Jul-Nov 2020)

Courses co-taught/involved

Design of Machines (MCL211: Jan-May 2015,2022)

CAD and Finite Element Analysis (MCL311: Jan-May 2018)

Advanced Mechanical Design (MEL732: Jul-Nov 2014)

Introduction to Engineering (NIN100: One group, Jul-Nov 2015)

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (MNC101: One group, Jul-Nov 2014)

Short term courses

Computational Fracture Mechanics for Photovoltaic Reliability (GIAN: May 2019)

Joining of Advanced Materials (TEQIP: Dec 2019)

Engineering Visualization (Sponsored CEP: Apr 2021)