Dr. P.M.V Subbarao


Mechanical Engineering Department

" Touch the sky, be on the ground "

Research thru Teaching

I was exposed to good quality technical books for the first time as a 1st year engineering student. I have a firm belief in the engineering education process, especially that, when it is properly applied, benefits the society. My personal interest in knowing more resulted in development of fifteen different courses being taught by me covering all the dimensions of thermal engineering. As a practitioner I have been consulting and researching by bringing systematic design solutions from theory to solve industrial, defence and rural problems.

Based on above experience and satisfaction, I want to move towards teaching and researching in the area of Pico-Energy Systems, which will enable a local society or people to develop their infrastructure without depending on large corporates or centralized institutions.

" Gram Swaraj thru Self Sufficiency of Energy Needs"