Products Developed

An Excellent Reseach Work Leading to a Product

  • Seyed Mehdi Pesteei, Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Compact Heat Exchangers using Delta Wings. (with Prof. R S Agarwal)
  • Only one groupd in India working in this area. Other groupd at IITK is doing only computational work.
  • The research outcome has shown high potential for development of a new compact heat exchanger.
  • Aprroximately 40% material can be saved in the new heat exchanger.
  • A prototype is developed and being tested in IITD.

A Challenging Sponsored Project

  1. Feasibility Study of an Ejector Based Pressure Recovery System, RP01569, Laser Science and Technology Centre Delhi.
  2. Sole PI for the project.
  3. Simulation results are used for continous development of high power laser generator at DRDO laboratories.
  4. Initial results are very encouraging.
  5. A preliminary test cell with major cost reduction is under testing.
  6. An important tool for future defence applications.

A Research Work Generated an Impact on Rural Energy Applications

  1. Design and Development of Micro Hydraulic Turbo Pump for Canal Based Irrigation Systems.
  2. Design, Fabrication and installation of Ultra Micro Hydel Turbines (capacity < 10 kW) for rural energy. Major cost reduction ( 70%) in existing technology.
  3. Two units are working :
    • 6 kW hydel turbo-pump system for irrigation and driving flour mill. Site: River Sajnam, Village : Bhailoni lodh, Lalitpur, UP.
    • 5 kW turbine with 3.6 kW pump and generator on a drainage canal. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jagadishpur, Sonipat. Irrigation charges Rs 125/- per hour, amounts for savings as in cauliflower Rs 1000/- per hectare and pulse Rs 2000/- per hectare on an average on the whole production. Currentaly involved in Development of micro hydel stations in various remote areas of Uttaranchal.