Masters Theses Supervision

M.S. Theses

  2. Veerender Kumar, Design and Development of Pneumatic Primemover for Small Vehicles. Completed. (with Prof R R Gaur).
  3. Milton Polly, Development of A Hydrogen Operated S.I. Engines GEN_SET Using Electronic Fuel Injection System. Completed. (With Prof. L M Das, CES).
  4. Amit Kakkar, Study of slip flow in Micro Channels. Completed.
  5. Leeladhar Kala, Tehcno-Economic Sizing of Bio-Diesel Units with Maximum Utilization of Resources. Completed. (with Dr. S Kohli).
  7. Komal Kumar, Development of Optimally Finned Tube in tube Heat Exchangers.Completed.
  8. Devi Mutyala, Design High Efficiency Mixing Section for Supersonic Ejectors.Completed.
  9. Ashish Jha, Develompent of Radial-Channel Heat Sinks for Cooling of Electronic Devices.Inprogress.

M.Tech. Projects

  1. M I Kathadi, Numerical Analysis of Buoyancy Induced Flow in An Enclosure, 1996, Prof. S R Kale.
  2. A Arora, Design and Development of A Test Facility for the Performance Evaluation of an Air Conditioner, 1997, Prof. R S Agarwal.
  3. J S Bonde, An Assessment of Alternative Technologies for Improvement of Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine and Feasibility Investigations on Mechanical Fuel Injection System, 1997, Prof R R Gaur.
  4. Hemant Warhatkar, Design of Screw Extruder for Food Products, 1997, Dr Anoop Chawla.
  5. Rajesh Kumar, Instrumentation of Test Facility for Performance Evaluation of Window Type Air Conditioner Using Alternate Refrigerant, 1998, Prof. R S Agarwal.
  6. A M Vaidya, Matching of Simulation Code to Maruti Engine by Incorporation of Actual Combustion and Manifold Geometries, 1998, Prof. M K G Babu.
  7. K B Singh, Radiation and Convetive Analysis of Location of Boiler, Superheater, Reheater in A Steam Generator, 1999.
  8. S K Singh, Development of Software for Performance Analysis of Steam Generator Combustion Syste, 1999.
  9. Performance Evaluation of Window Type Air Conditioner using R-407C, An Alternative Refrigerant to HCFC—22, 1999, Prof. R S Agarwal.
  10. K N Rao, Simulation of Boiler Drum Level Control System for 210MW Steam Generator, 1999, I N Kar.
  11. Sachin Mohapatra, Study and Thermodynamic Analysis of Alternative Layouts for Combined Cycle Power Plants and Their Parametric Optimization, 2000.
  12. Soumitra Bhattacharyya, Design and Study of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for the Feed Water Flow Control Loop for 200 Mw Steam Generator, 2000, Dr. Nesar Ahmad.
  13. B.C. Roy, Analysis of Flow and Dust Removal in Electrostatic Precipitators, 2000.
  14. T.N.Roy, Simulation Of Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation Cycle, 2000.
  15. Ashok Hemnani, Analysis of Hvac for Hospitals and Development Package for Load Calculation, 2001.
  16. Avinash Vishwanath Kadam, Numerical Study Of Electrostatic Precipitator for Soot Control in Large Diesel Engines, 2001, Dr. G.P. Govil.
  17. Arathi Vemareddy, Numerical Simulation of Non Newtonian Fluids in Journal Bearings, 2001.
  18. Rajesh Sharma, Numerical Simulation of Herringbone Grooved Gas Lubricated Journal Bearing Using a Multigrid Technique, 2001.
  19. Brijesh Kumar Sharma, Numerical Simulation of Air Water Spray Interaction, 2001, Prof. S.R. Kale.
  20. D.Nath, Merit Order Analysis of Steam Boiler Furnaces of Thermal Power Plant, 2001.
  21. Sudeep Tiwari, Numerical Analysis of Self Lubricated Porous Journal Bearings, 2001.
  22. A.K. Mishra, Merit Order Analysis of Steam Turbine Systems of Thermal Power Plant, 2002.
  23. Pavan Kumar, Development of Software Package for Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties of Ammonia-Water Binary Mixture, 2002.
  24. Neeraj Goswami, Development of GDI Technology in a 4-Stroke SI Two Wheeler Engine using Mechanical Fuel Injection, 2002.
  25. Mahendra Kumar Thakre, Non Linear Stability of Hydrodynamic Bearing, 2002.
  26. Kunal Nayan, Installation of Cross Country Pipelines in Marshy Lands, 2002.
  27. Apurba Ghosh, Radiative Analysis of Steam Generator Furnace, 2002.
  28. Adwait Charan Mohanty, Oil Whirl Phenomena in 500 Mw Steam Turbine Bearing, 2002, Prof. K. Athre.
  29. Sunil Kumar Pandey, Computation of Flow over a Pelton Turbine Bucket, 2004.
  30. Lalta Prasad, Use of Biodiesel in Compression Ignition Engine, 2004, Prof. J.P.Subrahmanyam.
  31. Contractor Ankur Dipakbhai, Simulation of Transient Operation of Nuclear / Thermal Power Plant Condenser, 2004.
  32. Hrushikesh R. Kulkarni, Experimental Study on Fin Tube Condenser Delta Winglets, 2004, Prof. R.S. Agarwal.
  33. V. Karthikeyan, Simulation of Thermo Chemical Recuperation Combined Cycle, 2004.
  34. S C Prusty, Study and Design of Different Types of Pumped Storage / Pump Back Systems for Selected NTPC Plant Tstpp and Discussing the Relative Cost Benefit Analysis and Environmental Impact of Different Schemes,2004.
  35. Sk. Jaheeruddien, Optimisation of Erection of Steam Side of a Combined Cycle Power Plant, 2004.
  36. Gaurawa Kumar Rastogi, Study Analysis of Problems Concerning Cross Country Pipelines Design and Construction, 2004.
  37. V V V G S Sateesh Annabattula, Design and Development of Ultra Micro Hydel Turbine for Rural Energy Systems,2005.
  38. Nitin Karwa, Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer from Surfaces by Sprays, 2005. (With Prof. S R Kale).
  39. Pramoda Kumar Nayak, Experimental studies of Fin[tue Condenser and Evaporator with Delta Winglet in VCR cycle,2005 (With Prof. R S Agarwal).
  40. Chandekar Pradeep, Experimental Study of Fluid Flow and Heat transfer through Naoscales Porous Media, 2005.
  41. V D Nayak, Simulation and Analysis of Erosion in Power Plant Steam Generators, 2005.
  42. V Pradeep, Optimization of Feedwater Heater Layout of a Steam Power Plant, 2005.
  43. Abhishek Tiwari, Simulation and Analysis of Turbulent Flow in Journal Bearings,2005.
  44. A K Shukla, Artificial Intelligence (Neural /Genetic Algorithm) Based On Line Steam Generator Operation Optimization For 210MW Power Plant,2005(With Dr. I N Kar).
  45. Vishwas Kumar Pandey, Design and Performance Evaluation of Steam Ejector System,2006.
  46. R Subbarao, Thermodynamic Simulation of Hybrid SOFC – Gas Turbine Power Plant,2006.
  47. Swayam Prakash Kutor, Experimental Study of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer through Micro-porous Membrane, 2006.
  48. M J Kiran Kumar, Analysis of Heat Transfer in Micro Melting and Solidification,2006.
  49. P Ramesh Babu, Study of Spray Cooling of Hot Surfaces,2006. (With Prof. S R Kale).
  50. Rakesh Kumar, Numerical and Experimental study of Heat Transfer Enhancement and pressure drop in a Fin Tube Heat Exchanger using Delta winglets with Common Flow up Configuration,2006.(with Prof. R S Agarwal).
  51. Srikanth Kemburu, Simulation and Analysis of Isothermal and Nonisothermal Turbulent Flow in Journal Bearing, 2006.
  52. Isar Ahmad, Optimization Erection Of Steam plant of Combined Cycle Power Plant,2006.
  53. A Sairam, Analysis of Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles,2006.
  54. Joseph A M, Feasibility Study of Low Pressure Steam Utilization using Kalina Cycle Technolgy, 2006.
  55. Sanjay K D Kayasth, Efficiency Optimization of Steam Generator of A 500 MW Coal Fired Power Plant Using Artificial Neural Network, 2006. (With Dr. I N Kar).
  56. M Sreenu, Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Biogas Enrichment Using Vortex Tube, 2007.
  57. P Srinivasa Rao, Study of Spray Cooling on Enhanced Surfaces,2007.(With Prof. S R Kale).
  58. Hemant V Gedam, Analysis of Flow of Short-Glass-Fibre-Filled Polymer Composite in Injection Molding and Numerical Prediction of Fiber Orientation,2007. (With Dr. N Bhatnagar).
  59. G Rakesh, System Design and Development of A Modular Erection Methodology for Construction of Power Plant Steam Generators,2007.
  60. D C Gupta, Shell Side Flow Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers by CFD Simulations,2007.
  61. Debabrata Tripathy, Modelling and Simulation of Once Through Boiler and Control of Feedwater Flow Using FUZZY Gain Scheduling, 2007.
  62. S Bhattacharya, Prediction of Off-design Performance of Steam Turbine, 2007.
  63. P K Nag, Analysis of Cooling Towers, 2007.
  64. M. Surya Praveen, Gas DYnamic Analysis of The Heat Pipe, 2008.
  65. Kunal U. Sakekar, Experimental and Numerical Study of HEat Transfer Enhancement by Delta Winglets in Common Flow Up Configuration, 2008.
  66. Bharat Varshney, Aerodynamic Desing of Front Wind for Formula One Car, 2008.
  67. Lan Bhadur Sah, Mathematical Modelling of Furnace Draft and Study of its Effect on Boiler Performance, 2008.
  68. K.S.R. Subudhi, Numerical Analysis of Transient Heat COnduction in Electrical Motors, 2008.
  69. N.N. Sinha, Analysis of Prefromance and Operation of Steam Genrator in Low Oxygen Regime, 2008.
  70. Navneet Kumar Sharma, Thermal ANalysis of the Resonant Cavity for A Proton Accelerator, 2008.
  71. K. Prabhakar, Thermo Hydrodynamic LUbrication Analysis of High SPeed Journal Bearing COnsidering Variable Properties, 2008.
  72. A K Yadav, Study and Oprimization of Existing BOP System, 2008.
  73. Anshul Sirohi, Computational analysis of gas dynamics in supersonic ejectors with rectangular cross-section, 2009. (with Dr. Garuav SInghal, LASTEC.).
  74. ARNAB MAITRA, Prediction and analysis of slagging in boiler, 2009.
  75. RITESH KUMAR, CFD analysis of flue gas duct of 500 MW boiler, 2009. (with Dr. P. Talukdar).
  76. KUMAR GAURAV, CFD analysis of a steam power plant LP turbine downward exhaust hood, 2009.
  77. Anank Agang Putu S., Development of technologies for complete utilization of oil seed collections, 2009. (with Prof. J.P. Subrahmanyam).
  78. P.Phani Kumar. Enrichment of biogas using vortex tube, 2009.(with Prof. P.L. Dhar).
  79. Vishal Keshri, Thermal monitoring system in boiler tubes, May 2009.
  80. Anup Kumar, Design and analysis of evaporative cooling of intake air for gas turbine of a combined cycle power plant, 2009.
  81. Chandraveer Singh, Computation of transient one dimensional compressible flow through IC engine manifolds,2010.(with Prof. J.P. Subrahmanyam).
  82. Sabin Mathew, CFD analysis of a steam power plant LP turbine downward exhaust hood with delta winglets, 2010.
  83. K Suresh Babu, Analysis of Heat Transfer in a Reheater in a Coal Fired Steam Generator, 2010.
  84. Md. Shahid, Void Fraction measurement in waterwall Tube by measuring DP at diffrent heigets for scale deposite,2011
  85. Rahul Kamal, Study of Advance Blades for LP Steam Turbine stage,2011.
  86. Naresh Singh,Design and Optimization of CO2 Absorption System for Biogas Enrichment,2012.
  87. Swatantra Shukla, Study of Performance of HCCI Engine using the blends of N-heptane and Isooctane,2012.
  88. Abdus Salam,Study of Gray Gas Radiation form Flame to Enclosure,2012.
  89. Suman Kumar,Thermodynamic Analsysi of MHTGR-SC Rankine Cycle Nuclear Power Plant,2012.
  90. Rakesh Mani Bharti, Development of A MOdel for Post Combustion CO2 Capture from Flue Gas in A Coal Fired Power Plant,2012
  91. Mohammad Yunus Sheikh, Gas Dynamic ANlaysis of Superosonic Ejectors, 2012.
  92. Manideep Bhattacharya, Zonewise Modelling of Radiative Heat Transfer in an Enclosure,2012.
  93. Satya Prakash, Study of Effect of Surface Roughness and Scaling on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer and Rate of Evaporation,2012.
  94. Srikant G Gajbhe, Study and Development of two Stroke GDI Two Wheeler Engine, 2013.
  95. Srijan Chandrakar, Development of A Test Rig for Measurement of Tar Content in Producer Gas of Pongamia Pinnata Waste, 2013.
  96. Shailendra Kumar Singh, Design and Prototyping of Breathing System of HIgh Speed Engine to be used in Formula SAE Race Car, 2013.
  97. Anand Kumar, Study and Development of High Speed HCCI Engine, 2013.
  98. Mayur Vitthal Selokar, Study of EGR in HCCI Engine, 2013.
  99. Suneela M.V.S. Thermodynamic Design of Induced Draft Flow Cooling Tower, 2013.
  100. Devendra Kumar Shah, Study of Convective Heat Transfer through Cooling Jacket of an I.C. Engine, 2014.
  101. Fissha Tadasse Gebreyohans, Combustion CHaracteristics of High Speed HCCI Enginer, 2014.
  102. Sudhir Kumar Bisen, Analysis of Minimum Weight Finned TUbe Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, 2014.
  103. Navlesh Sharma, Zonewise Modeling of Radiative Heat Transfer in A Furnace with Water Walls, 2014.
  104. Gaurav Tandon, Transportation of sediment particles in water stream using CFD simulation, 2015.
  105. Ankit Kumar, Analysis of Heat Transfer in Supercritical Flow through Channel section using LBM, 2015.
  106. RAJEEV KUMAR, Experimental & Computational Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement using Winglets,2016.
  107. Manish Kumar, Experimental and Compurational Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement using Dual Pair Winglets, 2017.
  108. Divya Tawra, Design and Analysis of Hybrid Hydraulic Prime Movers for Heavy Vehicles, 2018.
  109. Manish K Singh, Development of Multi-zone model for RCCI engine, 2019.
  111. Arun Sindhu, Thermal Analysis of Solar PV panels, In progress.
  112. Rohit Prajapati, Computational Analysis of Biomass Gasifier, 2020.
  113. AVINASH BAIRWA, Modelling and analysis of Hybrid Electric vehicles running on Indian urban driving cycle, In progress.
  114. HARSH P PATEL, Development of Dynamic Lift and Drag Models for Wind Turbine Blades, In progress.