The Mixed Signal Group

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering IIT Delhi

Chair, IEEE Delhi Section CAS-CSS

Technical advisor at Mixed Signal Inc, Irvine CA

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Palani

I am, Assistant Professor at Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi. My area of interest in Analog and Mixed Signal design and I have numerous previous and ongoing projects based on Design enhancements of Op-amps, ADCs, DACs and other analog circuits. I am very passionate about circuits and believe that Analog Design is a just not science, it’s actually a very beautiful art, that pushes us to grow into a creative individual.

Analog circuit design deals with continuous time vary signals. Primary analog circuits include operational amplifiers, Bandgaps, ADCs and DACs. Now from the perspective of an experienced Analog Design Engineer, the field is not scientific; it’s a form of art, which means you can realize any circuits you can think of with the right concepts. All analog concepts are common sense and intuitions and unlike any other subject, if you can feel how the circuit should work, you can actually make it work.

Why excel in a single field of Analog or Digital when you can mix them both master the skills of designing an entire SoC. Yes, Mixed Signal means dealing with both analog and digital circuits to bring up an entire circuit, because any SoC is incomplete without either of these 2 blocks. Mixed Signal domain gives you the widest exposure, both in terms of theoretical concepts as well as practical hand-on experience with a variety of EDA tools.

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