Prof. Brejesh Lall

​He completed PhD in 1997 from IIT Delhi in the area of Multirate Signal Processing. He joined Hughes Software Systems in September 1997 and worked there for nearly 8 years in the Signal Processing group. He worked on Source Coding and PHY layer solutions for many communication technologies such as terrestrial wireless, GEO and LEO Satellite communication systems, Satellite broadband and others.

He returned to his alma mater and joined IIT Delhi as a faculty member in 2005. Since July 2005 He has been in the Electrical Engineering Department and has contributed to research & teaching in the general area of Signal Processing. He has graduated 13 PhD students during that period, further 6 have submitted their synopsis. Besides, them 29 research scholars are pursuing PhD under his supervision. He has successfully completed numerous sponsored projects and consultancies and is working on several others. The total number is close to 47 and the total budget outlay in excess of Rs. 70 crores.

The areas in which he has been publishing and doing sponsored research are centered on signal processing. The areas include, object representation, tracking and classification, odometry, depth map generation, representation and rendering. He is also exploring vector sensor based underwater acoustic communications, and performance issues in molecular communications.

He is the current head of Bharti School of Telcom Technology and Management, and the co-ordinator of two centers of excellence, viz. Airtel IIT Delhi Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications and Ericsson IIT Delhi 5G Center of Excellence. He is also the incharge of an IoT laboratory that He set up in collaboration with Samsung. Besides this, he is the NCC co-ordinator of IIT Delhi.

He has mentored 5 startups, in the areas of Virtualization, Geo-fencing, UAV based solutions and recommendation and data mining. He actively participate in building and deploying technology. He have also served as expert in numerous government and private agencies in aspects related to signal processing.

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