Total Outlay = Rs.682056607.00

Project Name Company Duration Outlay
  RP03649G Artificial intelligence based mobile        app for identification and advisory of maize        diseases and insect pests (PI) Indian Council of Agriculture Research India 01-01-2019 to 31-12-2021 Rs. 4258100.00
  RP03609G Research and development of        smart, secure, scalable, resilient and        adaptive cyber-physical power system       (S3RA-CPPS) (Co-PI) Department of Science & Technology India 05-10-2018 to 04-10-2021 Rs. 29995400.00
  MI01786G Design and Development of Air        Quality Monitoring System (Sub Project # 06        under RP03521) (Co-PI) Department of Telecommunications India 01-04-2018 to 31-03-2021 Rs. 36200000.00
  RP03624F Validation and Fine Tuning of        the Computer Aided Diagnosis of        Pulmonary Tuberculosis Model for the        Indian Subcontinent (PI ) CRDF Global United States 01-01-2018 to 31-10-2019 Rs. 737270.00
  RP03493N IIT Delhi Ericsson 5G CoE (PI) Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. India 01-11-2017 to 31-12-2019 Rs. 2000000.00
  MI00233 Bharti School of Telecom        technology & Mgt, IIT Delhi (PI) IIT Delhi India 31-05-2002 to 31-03-2021 Rs. 71113290.00
  RP03521 Building an end to end 5G Test        Bed (Co-PI) Ministry Of Communication Department Of Telecom 01-04-2018 to 31-03-2021 Rs. 300105000.00
  RP03312G Phenomics of Moisture Deficit        Stress Tolerance and Nitrogen Use        Efficiency in Rice and Wheat - Phase - II        (PI) Indian Council of Agriculture Research India 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2019 Rs. 5856380.00
  RP03001 HyperSpectral Image        Classification Using Intelligent Feature        Selection (Co-PI) DRDO, Ministry of Defence 02-01-2015 to 10-12-2017 Rs.4080000.00
  RP02874 National Programme on        Perception Engineering( NPPE) Phase II        (Co-PI) Ministry of Communications & Information Technolog 28-03-2014 to 27-03-2018 Rs. 26082000.00
  RP02825 Compressive Sampling for        Imaging Application (Co-PI) Akshi Technologies 05-11-2013 to 04-11-2016 Rs. 836000.00
  RP02534 Development of Algorithum for          Detection of Spatiotemporal Discontinuity          errors in Video (Co-PI) Interra Systems 30-11-2011 tp 31-03-2015 Rs 1562500.00
  RP02487 Phenomics of Moisture Deficit          and Low Temperature Stress Tolerance in          Rice (Co-PI) NFBSRA,Indian Council of Agricultural Research 15-02-2011 to 31-12-2015 Rs.4470000
  RP02361 Managing Intangible Cultural          Assets through Onltological Interlinking         (Co-PI) Department of Science & Technology (DST) 22-06-2010 to 31-07-2016 Rs. 6186800.00
  RP02359 Sampling and compression for          multiview 3D displays (Co-PI) Department of Science & Technology (DST) 16-06-2010to 15-06-2014 Rs. 3543289.00
  RP02233 Signal Processing and          Information Therotic Study of Cognitive          Radio Networks (Co-PI) Department of Science & Technology (DST) 22-05-2009 to 21-05-2012 Rs. 1141350.00
  RP02165 Development of Video          Compression Scheme Based on          Paramertic Coding (sub project # 1 under          MI00581) (Co-PI) St Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd. 17-12-2008 to 31-07-2012 Rs. 1980000.00
  RP02139 Algorithms for Symbol and          Parameter Estimation in MIMI and          Cooperative MIMO Communications         (Co-PI) Department of Science & Technology (DST) 02-09-2008 to 01-03-2012 Rs. 2200800.00
  RP03157G Signal Feature Extraction for          Identification and Classification of          Encoded IF/Baseband Signal (PI) DRDO, Ministry of Defence India 05-03-2016 to 03-02-2018 Rs. 2000000.00
  RP03042G 3D TV Signal Generation and          Compression: A Machine Learning Based          Approach (PI) Science and Engineering Research Board,(DST) 10-04-2015 to 09-04-2018 Rs. 4377700.00
  MI01077 AICET Social Media Analyser         (sub project under RP02132) (PI) M/s Bharti Airtel 23-10-2013 to 15-09-2015 Rs. 3751000.00
  Development of Mobile Video          FullDuplexing Decoder & Renderer         System (Phase 1) (under RP02132) (PI) M/s Bharti Airtel 14-07-2011 to 5-08-2013 Rs.2515000.00
  RP02441 Development of Robust          Document Image Understanding System          for Documents in Indian Scripts          (OCR)Phase II (PI) Department of Electronics& Information Technology 1-07-2010 to 31-12-2015 Rs. 118622500.00
  Characterziation of Ocean Noise using          Multiscale Modeling Techniques (PI) Naval Research Board, Ministry of Defence 17-10-2008 to 28-02-2013 Rs. 2860000.00
  RP02132N Airtel IIT Delhi Centre of          Excellence in Telecommunication (PI) M/s Bharti Airtel India 06-08-2008 to 11-12-2017 Rs. 45200000.00
  MI00545 Moderinization of Spuermankets          Using Rfid Technology (TDP-IAS 2008 (I))          (PI) Industrial Research & Development, IIT Delhi.India 06-05-2008 to 05-04-2009 Rs. 74500.00
  CW10006 Algorithms for Time &          Frequency Synchronization for 3GPP LTE          (PI) ARICENT India 10-04-2008 to 09-06-2009 Rs. 99893.00
  CW08277 Study /Simulation for Design of          Digital FM Receiver and Comparison with          Existing Analog Solution (PI) Nalini Systems Ltd. India 24-03-2006 to 23-09-2007 Rs. 107835.00
  MI00391 Characterization of Multiscale          Processes (PI) Industrial Research & Development, IIT Delhi.India 10-08-2005 to 09-02-2007 Rs. 100000.00