Latest Research

"Zig-zag Ag2S nanostructures for superior optical absorption and photoelectrochemical water splitting performance"

  1. Ag2S nanostructures of zig-zag geometry to achieve the improved photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting response for hydrogen generation.
  2. Zig-zag nanorods was carried out using glancing angle deposition followed by sulfurization
  3. The theoretical simulations based on rigorous coupled wave analysis were performed to understand the light absorption mechanism for the zig-zag Ag2S nanorods structures
  4. An efficient PEC electrode by tuning the morphology of nanostructured materials.

"Self-adhesive, Stretchable, and Dry Silver Nanorods Embedded Polydimethylsiloxane Biopotential Electrodes for Electrocardiography"

  1. Developing self-adhesive dry ECG electrodes based on silver nanorods (AgNRs) embedded polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS).
  2. The proposed electrode is more skin compatible with lower electrode-skin contact impedance and shows better performance than conventional wet electrode.
  3. A signal acquisition portable circuit is designed to monitor the ECG signals with a wireless system.

"Portable and sensitive Ag nanorods based SERS platform for rapid HIV-1 detection and tropism determination"

  1. Rapid and early detection of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).
  2. Direct binding of gp 120 over HIV envelop with silver nanorods fabricated using glancing angle deposition technique shown.
  3. 5 different HIV-1 subtypes detected and studied in diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC) treated water and plasma.
  4. Distinct HIV-1 signature peaks assignment and subtypes differentiation based on the tropism (X4 tropic and R5 tropic virus).
  5. Distinction and differentiation confirmed using multivariate component analysis (PCA).

"Investigating the effect of silver nanorods embedded in polydimethylsiloxane matrix using nanoindentation and its use for flexible electronics"

  1. Highly flexible, electrically conducting Ag nanorods (AgNRs) embedded PDMS film with an antibacterial property was fabricated.
  2. To measure the mechanical parameters and effect of silver nanorods on the fabricated nanostructured composite, the quasi-static and dynamic mechanical analysis was explored using nanoindentation. Interestingly, the elastic modulus of PDMS matrix was observed to be enhanced by ~168 % after embedding AgNRs in it.
  3. The fabricated AgNRs embedded PDMS composite structure retains its conductivity up to 90% applied strain.

"Frictional anisotropy of Ag nanocolumnar surfaces"

  1. One-arm and two-arm Ag nanorod arrays were deposited using GLAD technique.
  2. Friction anisotropy arises upon changing nanorods geometry from one-arm to two-arm.
  3. Friction anisotropy is explained based on the bending modes of the nanorods.
  4. Nanostructured surfaces enable stable sliding in comparison to smooth thin films.

"Understanding the wetting properties of nanostructured strontium titanate and its application for recyclable oil/water separation"

  1. Water as well as oil wetting properties of strontium titanate nanoparticles were investigated.
  2. It was found to be superhydrophilic /underwater superoleophobic in nature. Further tested for oil/water separation.
  3. Separation mesh was found to have self- cleaning ability Efficiency of more than 99.5% was observed for variety of oils.
  4. Capillary pressure based model was developed to understand the wettability mechanism.

"SERS Platform for Dengue Diagnosis from Clinical Samples Employing a Hand Held Raman Spectrometer"

  1. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) based diagnosis of dengue virus in clinical blood samples
  2. The samples were well characterized by conventional NS1 antigen and IgM antibody ELISA kits
  3. SERS spectra of pure NS1 protein as well as spiked in serum was also recorded separately
  4. PCA was employed as the statistical tool to differentiate dengue positive, dengue negative, and healthy subjects on the basis of their respective SERS spectra.
  5. This method provides a sensitive, rapid, and field deployable diagnosis of dengue at the early stage.

"Self-sustainable and recyclable Ag nanorods for developing Ag-Ag2S nano heterostructures using sewage gas: Applications in photocatalytic water purification, hydrogen evolution, SERS and antibacterial activity"

  1. Facile and green synthesis of Ag-Ag2S nanoheterostructures is demonstrated.
  2. Ag nanorods array on glass substrates was fabricated by glancing angle deposition.
  3. Sewage gas (H2S) produced from sewer canal was utilized for sulfurization process.
  4. Potential applications in photocatalytic dye degradation and PEC reaction are shown.
  5. Photocatalytic dye degradation, PEC, SERS and bactericidal effect were also studied.

"In situ microscopic study of tribology and growth of ZDDP antiwear tribofilms on an Al–Si alloy"

  1. ZDDP tribofilm growth on Al–Si alloys is studied at the microscale.
  2. In situ AFM reveals correlation between friction and tribofilm growth.
  3. Tribofilm grows thicker and denser on Si phase than Al matrix.
  4. Frequent wear of the Al matrix inhibits tribofilm growth.