Invited Lectures & Presentations

  1. Lead Paper on 'Droughts under present and future climate change scenarios and preparedness', NAAS (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences) Brain Storming Session on "Drought Preparedness and Mitigation", NAAS Secretariat, New Delhi, November 26, 2010.

  2. Theme lecture on 'Water Resources of India', Session on 'Experiences and lessons learnt on innovative technologies and strategies for sustainable water management (Indian perspective)', Indo-EU workshop on "Water Technology Research and Innovation Collaboration", Sponsored by the Department of Science & Technology, Delhi, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 9-10 November, 2010

  3. Theme lecture on 'Climate change impact on Indian Water Resources and formulation of Framework for Integrated Water Resources Management', Session B2- Water and Climate Change, Focal theme: Water supply reuse and environment, Conference on India-EU and Member States Partnership for a Strategic Roadmap in Research and Innovation, November 11-12, 2010, Delhi.

  4. Impacts of Climate Change on Water, National Workshop on Impacts of Climate Change, A 4x4 Assessment, INCCA (Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment, New Delhi, November 16, 2010.

  5. Invited Lecture on 'Adaptation to Regional Climate Change', The Regional Climate Change Conference (RCC2) on 'Adaptation to Natural and Social Impacts of Regional Climate Change', Adjunct Session to the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum, Kyoto, Japan, October 2, 2010.

  6. Theme lecture on 'Regional Water Resources - Challenges Ahead', TIFAC-IIASA-IIT Delhi Workshop on Water Resources Management and Sustainability, New Delhi, September 3-4, 2010.

  7. Invited Lecture on 'Climate Change Scenarios and its Impacts on Water Resources in Major River Basins of India', Responding to Climate Change: UK-Indian Perspective, Organised by Institute for Sustainable World, Queen's University Belfast, UK, at New Delhi, August 16-17, 2010.

  8. An Integrated Framework for Managing Water Resources in a Sustainable Manner, National Seminar on Water Security, Organised by Water & Food Equitable Distribution Organisation, Chennai, August 14, 2010.

  9. Panelist, The Planning Framework - The World Bank and MoEF Joint Workshop on "Global Experiences in River Clean-Up and Basin Management-Relevance for the Ganga", New Delhi, April 17, 2010.

  10. Hydrological modeling of Eastern Himalayan Rivers for Climate Change Impact Assessment, Brain Storming Meeting on Himalayan Climate and Glaciers, DST, New Delhi, 15-16 February, 2010.

  11. An Integrated Framework for Effective Management of Water Resources, Seminar on 'Water: Managing the problems', organised by Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Gurgaon, January 22, 2010.

  12. An Integrated Framework for Effective Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources, Seminar on 'Climate Change, Water Management and Concept of Eco-Village/Eco-City : CCWM-CE 2010', SPHEEHA (Society for Prevention of Healthy Environment, Ecology and Heritage of Agra', Agra, January 9, 2010.
  13. Web-based Framework for Integrated Water Resource Management, Workshop on 'GIS Technology and Applications - Geospatial Information for Developing Countries', organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay, India and Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA, December 16-18, 2009.

  14. Geospatial for Water & Wastewater, India R & D 2009, "Geospatial Technologies for Utilities and Infrastructure", organized by FICCI (Fedration of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi, 20-21 November, 2009.

  15. National Level Impact Assessment of Water Sector, National Workshop on Review of Implementation of Work Programme Towards Indian Network of Climate Change Assessment (INCCA), organized by MoEF, New Delhi, October 14, 2009.

  16. Siting and Assessment of Small Hydropower Potential using GIS & Hydrological Modelling, Indo-Canada Workshop on Electricity Generation Using Renewable Energy, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, October 9-10, 2009.

  17. Impact of Projected Climate Change on Water Resources of Indian Rivers, Brain Storming Session on National Action Plan for Adapting Indian Agriculture to Climate Change, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi, September 29, 2009

  18. Climate Change Impact Assessment on Indian Water Resources, Australia-India Workshop on the Future of Water Security under Climate Change, organized by the Australia-India Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia, New Delhi, September 14, 2009.

  19. Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Resources of Some Himalayan River Systems & Technological Tools for Adaptation, International Workshop on 'Ice, Snow and Water: Impacts of Climate Change on California and Himalayan Asia', University of Calfornia, San Diego, USA, May 4-6, 2009.

  20. Lecture in Habitat Centre, 2009

  21. Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Potential Adaptation Mechanisms, CPWF-IWMI Basin Focal Project for the Indus-Gangetic Basin: Ground Covered and the Road Ahead, 2nd Phase Planning and Review Workshop, New Delhi, February 24-25, 2009

  22. Chairman, Session on Analysis of Water Availability and Access, CPWF-IWMI Basin Focal Project for the Indus-Gangetic Basin: Ground Covered and the Road Ahead, 2nd Phase Planning and Review Workshop, New Delhi, February 24-25, 2009

  23. Present and Future Situation of Water Resources in Ganga Basin, 15th Regional Technical Committee (RTCC) Meeting of the Rice-Wheat Consortium, February 3, 2009, New Delhi

  24. Data Requirements and Infrastructure Technologies for Urban Flood Management, Indo-US Workshop on Urban Flood Disaster Management Challenges: Administrative, Technical and Scientific Issues, jointly organized by NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) and USAID, Hyderabad, January 8, 2009.

  25. An Analytical Perspective on Indian Water Resources Management, International Workshop on "Surveillance Geoinformatics of Hotspot Detection and Prioritization for Monitoring, Etiology, Early Warning and Sustainable Management", organized by JalaSri, Jalagaon, Maharashtra, December 21-28, 2008

  26. Panel Expert, 6th R & D Session of INCOH (Indian National Committee on Hydrology), Thiruvananthapuram, 22-24 October, 2008

  27. Climate Change Impacts on River Systems - Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra, Expert Consultation on Climate Change and Water, sponsored by STIMSON and TERI, 5 - 6 September, 2008, New Delhi

  28. Climate Change and River-basin Flood Management - A regional Perspective, SAARC Workshop on Climae Change and Disasters: Emerging Trends and Future Strategies, organized be SAARC Disaster Management Centre, at Kathmandu, Nepal, 21-22 August, 2008.

  29. Chaired the Session on Climate Change, Energy and Infrastructure, Workshop on Impacts, Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation, under India's 2nd National Communication to the UNFCCC, MoEF, New Delhi, 11-12 August, 2008.

  30. Response to Climate Change on Water Resources of Eastern Himalayan River Systems of Brahamputra and Kosi, Regional Workshop on Assessment of Climate Change Variability of Mountain Ecosystems of the Eastern Himalaya, ICIMOD, Kathmandu, June 12-13, 2008
  31. Impacts of forest based bio-energy plantation on water resources, International workshop on Forest based bio-energy for sustainable development, Centre for Mountain Ecosystem Studies, Kunming Institute of Botany, Kunming, China, May 22, 2008.

  32. Small Hydro Site Selection using GIS and SWAT Model, Workshop to discuss Policy and Technical Issues pertaining to MNRE-UNDP Project titled 'Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods', New Delhi, May 7, 2008.

  33. Keynote Lecture on Analysis on India's Water Resources: Policy and Practice, ASEMWATERNet Lisbon Mid Term Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, April 29, 2008

  34. Invited Lecture on Impact on Water and Hydrology, in Session on Impact of Climate Change, Workshop on 'Unpacking the Cliame Crisis: A Three-day Teach-in of Global Warming, Policy Response, Energy Options and Alternatives', St. Pius College, Mumbai, April 18-20, 2008

  35. Some Issues in Effective Handling of Water Crisis, International Conference on Warer Crisis: Challenges & Opportunities, NEERI, Nagpur, February 28-29, 2008.

  36. Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources, Brainstorming meeting for improved Weather Forecasting, organized by Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi, February 28, 2008.

  37. Response paper on Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources of India, National Seminar on Water Resources Management: Role for water sector in India, Organised by Indian National Academy of Engineers, New Delhi, February 21-22, 2008

  38. Keynote Lecture on 'Impact of Water Policy on Water Security', National Seminar on Creating Water Security - Role of Technology and People's Participation, Organised by FORCE, New Delhi, November 19, 2007.

  39. Climate Change Impact on Indian Water Resources, National Seminar on Global Warming and its Impact in India, Bipin Chandra Pal Memorial Trust and Department of Management, IIT Delhi, November 17, 2007.

  40. Lecture on Peace Prize: Annual Lecture Series on the Nobel Prize 2007, Institute Lecture Series, IIT Delhi, November 14, 2007.

  41. Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology and Implications for Flood Management, Training of Trainers Programme on Flood Risk Mitigation and Management, National Institute of Disater Management, New Delhi, September 10-14, 2007.

  42. GIS, GPS, Surveying and Photogrammetry, Training Programme on Identification of Thrust and Core R&D Areas in Civil Engineering Sub-Area of Infrastructure Development, Central Road Research institute, New Delhi, May 25, 2007.

  43. Water Resources Policy and Practice - India Case Study, Initial Findings Discussion workshop on Scoping DFID Research Programme on Water Ecosystem Services and Poverty Reduction under Climate Change, IIED, UK, April 26, 2007

  44. Lead Speaker, 'Water Balance Modelling at the Landscape Level', India-IIASA Joint Workshop on Economic, Societal and Environmental Benefits provided by the Indian Forests, Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), New Delhi, 23 April 2007.

  45. Overall Philosophy of GIS: Concepts and Principles, Training Programme on GIS Application in Planning & Management of Rural Road Network, Central Road Research institute, New Delhi, January 18, 2007.

  46. SWAT- A Distributed Hydrological Model, Workshop on Integrated Weather and Climate Information in Water Management, organized under Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, IITM Pune, July 6, 2006.

  47. Framework for an Improved Hydrological Modelling for the Indian Basins, NATCOM Consultative Meeting on Development of a Framework for Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation for Water Resources, Agriculture, Coastal Zones and Human Health, Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi, July 22, 2005.

  48. Keynote Lecture on New Technologies in Watershed Management, National Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Controlling Groundwater Pollution: Drinking Water Perspectives, IIT Delhi, May 19-20, 2005

  49. Hydrological Studies for selection of water source, Training programme on Cooling water system and ash dyke construction, PMI, NTPC, Noida, November 30, 2004.

  50. Watershed Information System, Workshop on "Village Information System-Development of a Road Map", Department of Science & Technology, Habitat Centre, New Delhi, October 18, 2004.

  51. Impact of the Climate Change on the Water Resources of India, Seminar on "Water Resource Management in the 21st ceutury" Organized by Humboldt Club Calcutta & Max Muller Bhavan Kolkata, February 20, 2004.

  52. Environmental Impact Assessment of Interlinking of Rivers in India, Brainstorming Session on Environmental Impact Assessment of Interlinking of Rivers in India, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur, December 2, 2003.

  53. Keynote lecture on Geomatics in Environment and Water Resources, Geomatics 2003 Conference, New Delhi, November 7, 2003

  54. Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in India, Workshop on "Climate Change and its Impact on Hydrology" organised by NIH Roorkee, August 22, 2003.

  55. Country Level Framework for Watershed Management, presentation made to the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, New Delhi, August 7, 2003.

  56. Water Related Disasters and their Management, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, August 5, 2003.

  57. Integrated Framework for Water Sector - Need of the Hour, Conference on "India Power 2003", New Delhi, April 10, 2003.

  58. Information Communication Technology (ICT) Interventions in Rural Development, National Consultative Workshop, National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, February 25, 2003.

  59. Role of Geographic Information Systems in Watershed Mapping, Planning and Evaluation, "Peoples management of water campaign" India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, October 5, 2002.

  60. Water Quality and Quantity Modelling in River Basin, World Bank funded training on Assessment of Assimilative Capacity of the Environment, MoEF, India International Centre, May 29, 2002.

  61. GIS Based Watershed Modelling, Workshop on Domestic Roof Water Harvesting, IIT Delhi, April 18, 2001.

  62. Watershed Modeling using SWAT model, UNDP-DST sub-programme on "IT for Agriculture in Punjab", PAU, Jalandhar, November 28, 2000.

  63. Keynote Address, "Database Design and Spatial Tools for Land and Water Management", Workshop on Information Need Assessment for Land and Water Management in District Almora, sponsored by DST, May 18, 2000.

  64. Hydrologic Modelling for Water Resource Management, Workshop on NICNET Based Irrigation Water Management for Senior Management in Irrigation Sector, Organised by National Informatic Centre, New Delhi, September 1, 1999.

  65. JNU/IITD Watershed Modelling, Workshop on Rain Water Harvesting and Ground water Recharge, IIT Delhi, May 12, 2000.

  66. GIS-Based Watershed Management, Invited lecture, Harward University, Pierce Hall, USA, November 22, 1999

  67. New Technologies in Watershed Management, Training Course on Water Resource Management, CR State College of Engineering, Murthal, March 20, 1999.

  68. Computational Facilities in the Department and Exposure to Latest Tools for Civil Engineers, Special lecture to students of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi, February 7, 1997.

  69. Some of the Past and Present Water Resources Projects at IIT Delhi, Invited lecture at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, May 15, 1996.

  70. Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Water Resources Modelling, Invited lecture at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, May 14, 1996.

  71. Use of GIS in Detecting Sources of Pollution, Training Programme on Ground Water Quality Monitoring Related Issues, IIT Delhi, December 23, 1995.

  72. Guidelines for Developing Management Information Systems (MIS) for Command Area Development Works, Training Programme on "Command Area Development Personnel", Organised by WAPCOS, Anand, Gujrat, November 14, 1994.

  73. Definition of Management Information Systems, its need, components and characteristics, Training Programme on "Command Area Development Personnel", Organised by WAPCOS, Anand, Gujrat, November 14, 1994.

  74. Crop Oriented Water Management Under Deficit Water Supply, National Level Training on Integrated Water Management Through Command Area Development Programme, organized by WAPCOS, Madurai, February 12, 1994.

  75. GIS Databases, Short Course on "Geographical Information Systems", Continuing Education Programme, I.I.T., Delhi, December 13-15, 1993
  76. Database Structures, Short Course on "Geographical Information Systems", Continuing Education Programme, I.I.T., Delhi, December 13-15, 1993

  77. Management Information Systems and Use of Computers in Irrigation Management, Training Programme on "Command Area Development - Important Issues", Sponsored by WAPCOS, Jammu, November 1, 1993.

  78. Water Application Methods - Design Characteristics of Surface, Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation Methods, Training Programme on "Command Area Development - Important Issues", Sponsored by WAPCOS, Jammu, November 1, 1993.




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