Students Supervision:

  • PHD
  • M.Tech
  • B.Tech
Name of Student Research Topic Co-Supervisor Year of Completion
Narendra Kumar Tiwary Real Time Flood Forecasting And Flood Inundation Mapping For Bagmati River System Of Bihar, India Prof. A. K. Keshari 2015
Nagraj Patil Web Based Geospatial Framework for Water Resources Information System - 2012
Avadhesh Kumar Singh Assessment of drinking water quality and availability through rainwater harvesting in an arid region - 2008
Amardeep Singh Conflict Resolution in Transboundary Watercourses through Modelling and Generation of Environmental Implication Scenarios - 2008
Y. Ramji Satyaji Rao GIS linked modeling of nitrate contamination in the urban coastal aquifer of eastern Godavari delta Dr. A. K. Keshari 2007
Pradeep K. Lodha GIS based framework for integrated watershed management with livelihood linkages - 2006
Kapil Kumar Narula Integrated and Area-differentiated Hydrological and Environmental Modelling of Water Resources in the Upper Yamuna River Basin in India Prof. N. K. Bansal 2005
N. Siva Rama Krishna Reddy River basin planning- Godavari System -
Kapil Kumar Narula GIS Based Area-Differentiated Supra-Regional Integrated Hydrogeological and Environmental Modelling: Application to Upper Yamuna River Basin Prof. N. K. Bansal and Dr. Leena Srivastava 2003
Sunil Kumar Ambast Irrigation System Management In Large Irrigated Commands Using Satellite Remote Sensing Dr. A. K. Keshari 2001
Valluru Sesha Challapathi An Object Oriented Simulation Model for Irrigation Canal Operation - 2000
Sudheer K. P. Modelling Hydrological Processes Using Neural Computing Techniques - 2000
Saeid Morid Snowmelt-Runoff Simulation for Snowbound Ungauged Catchments Dr. A. K. Keshari 2000
Ashutosh Pasricha Watershed Modelling Using Geographical Information System - 1999
Shaban Ali Gholami Distributed Watershed Modelling of a Mountainous Catchment - 1999
A. Mani A Semi-Distributed Catchment Yield Model - 1999
K. K. Saksena Design and Operation of Irrigation Systems for Conjunctive Water Management - 1995
R. C. Purohit Simulation and Optimization Models for Irrigation System Management - 1992
Saad M. S. Moharram Generalized Pareto Distribution for Flood Frequency Analysis Prof. P.N. Kapoor 1991
Name of Student Project Topic Co-ordinator Year of Completion
Neetu Singh Urban Storm Water Flood Management by SWMM modeling Prof. R. Khosa 2016
Yogendra Singh 2016
Shailja Bahuguna Spatio-Temporal Variability of Snow-Cover in Northern Catchments of Ganga Basin 2016
Amrita Mandal Hydraulic modeling of existing drainage system of Barapullah basin and checking its adequacy Prof. R. Khosa 2015
Praveen Patel Flood Modelling in Stormwater Drain Prof. R. Khosa 2014
Afework Ameya Alemu Regional Flood Frequency Analysis in Upper Blue Nile River Basin Prof. R. Khosa 2014
Ayele Zemed Optimal Operation of Multi Reservoir System on the Upper Blue Nile Prof. R. Khosa 2014
Fekadu Sintayehu Future Implication of Water Resource Projects in Upper Blue Nile Basin Prof. R. Khosa 2014
Thirumalai R D Power Transmission Line Siting Methodology Using GIS Dr. J. Uma Maheshwari 2014
Sintayehu Adefires Hydrologic Modeling of Upper Blue Nile River Basin using ArcSWAT Prof. R. Khosa 2014
Himanshu Tyagi Hydrologic Modeling of Yamuna Basin using ArcSWAT 2013
Chakresh Sahu Enabling Business Intelligence in Heterogeneous Hydrological Respositories: An OLAP Approach Prof. S. Banerjee 2011
Chandramauli Dwivedi Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies using Hydrological Modeling- Manjra Subbasin Case Study. - 2010
Brij Kishor Pandey Hydrological Modeling of Small Watershed: Impact, Vulnerability and Coping Strategies towards Climate Change. - 2009
Debajyoti Das Integrated Watershed Management: Present and Future Scenario. - 2008
Kamakshya Prasad Rath Impact Assessment of Water Conservation-A GIS Approach 2007
S.Senthil Raj Flood Assessment Using GIS at Bagmati River Basin . 2007
Amin Hossein Zargar GIS-Based Hydro-Information Systems . 2005
D. Venkat Reddy Micro-Watershed Management using the APEX Model . 2004
Debajit Basu Ray Modelling Study to Assess Flooding At a Thermal Power Plant Site . 2002
Parveen Kumar Simulation of River Basin Using the ArcView SWAT Model . 2002
Ompriya Arya Analysis of Quantitative as well as Qualitative Aspect of a Watershed Using Swat Model . 2001
Manish Kumar Mathur Surface Water and Groundwater Modelling for Predicting Water Availability and Sustaiability in Jamshedpur Area Dr S. Mathur 2001
P.R.V.S.S. Chakravarthy Study of Nutrient Modeling Using Swat Mdel . 2000
Nand Kishor Jha Siting of Landfill Location for NCT Region Using GIS Prof. M. Dutta 1999
Jayanta Singha Decision Support system for Siting of Check Dams a GIS Based Approach . 1999
Harsh Thukral Environmental Planning for a Region: Developing a Framework for Sanganer (Rajasthan) Dr. A. K. Keshari 1999
Jadhav Prakash Dattatray A Net Work Flow Programming Model for Water Allocation 1997
Avinash Mishra Farmers Managed Irrigation System (Below the Outlets) An Object- Oriented and GIS Based Approach . 1998
Jadhav Prakash Dattatray 'A Net Work Flow Programming Model for Water Allocation . 1997
Nitin Muttil Hydrologic Modelling and Database Management of a River Basin Using GIS Mr. Rakesh Khosa 1996
Sanjib Dhar Expert System for Selection of Site and Generating Equipments for Micro-Hydel scheme . 1996
Bhupesh Chandra Patel Soil Erosion Modeling Using Artifical Neural Networks Mr. Rakesh Khosa 1996
Sanjeev Dhar Expert System for Micro-hydel Scheme as an Appropriate Technology for India Mr. R. Khosa 1996
Gaurav Agarwal Water Resources Modelling Using Artificial Neural Network Mr. R. Khosa 1995
Anupam Verma Water Resources Modelling Using Geographical Information System (GIS) Mr. R. Khosa 1994
Jai Shanker Conceptual Software for Management Informations of Farmer Managed Irrigation System . 1994
D. R. Mohanti CADHYCO: Computer Aided Hydraulic Design of Conduit . 1992
Sandeep Sharma Computer Aided Design and Operation Model for Outlet Command . 1989
Vivek Kumar Management Information System (MIS) for an Irrigation Project Prof.P.N. Kapoor 1989
Pankaj Joshi Data Base Management System for Discharge Data . 1989
Anant Prakash A Personal Computer Based Tank Model with Automatic Calibration and its Application . 1989
Manoj Kumar Data Base Management System for Rainfall Data . 1989
A. C. Mathew Design and Operation of Irrigation Projects: (Deficit Irrigation ) . 1987
Chanam Biren Singh Application of Sacramento River Forecast Model to Ramganga River Catchment . 1986
Said T. S. Kazimi Field Level Optimization for Efficient Water Use . 1984
Name of Student Project Topic Co-ordinator Year of Completion
Kushagra Gautam Analysis of Traffic flow, Accident and Pollution Data for Delhi on a GIS Base Dr. G. Tiwari 2008
Atishay Jain GIS Based Solution for Data Capture and Analysis on Watershed Management to upload it on Web - 2007
Atul Magoon Design of Optimal Signal Cycle for three Selected Intersections Dr. G. Tiwari 2006
Narayan Agarwal Least wet canal path simulation using GIS Dr. G. Tiwari 2005
Parveen Kumar Simulation of River Basin Using the ArcView SWAT Model Kapil Kumar Narula 2003
Debajit Basu Ray Modelling Study to Assess Flooding At a Thermal Power Plant Site 2003
Agraj Sharma ITransportation Analysis using Aimsun and GIS Dr. G. Tiwari 2002
Daya Shankar Kaul Rainfall Runoff ModellingUsing GIS Dr.A.K.Keshri 2002
Kamal Goyal Estimation of Population Exposed to Harmful Pollutions From Mobile Sources using GIS . 2002
Arnab Mitra Use of GIS and GPS in Watershed Management . 2001
Rachit Agarwal Vehicle Tracking and Navigation Using GPS and Technologies . 2001
Sapan J. Bhatia Virtual worlds in Civil Engineering Application 2001
Saket Pande A New Algorithm for Stream Tracing and Watershed Delineation . 2000
Pradhan Anant Analysis of Accident Data and Its Correlation With Traffic Characteristic: A Case Study for Mumbai . 2000
Gaurav Jaiswal Accident Analysis and Prevention In Delhi Using GIS . 1999
Rajat Vig A Model for Computing Irrigation Supply and Management . 1997
Aditya Agarwal Management Information Systems for Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems . 1993
Mukul Gupta Real Time Flood Forecasting: A Unit Hydrograph Based Computer Model . 1992
Ashish Shanker Management Information System for Irrigation . 1992
Mayanak Kumar Gupta Software Development for Selection of Dam and Subsequent Assessment of Design Parameters of Hydro-Electric Installations . 1992
Sanjeev Gupta Computer Aided Design of Irrigation Systems . 1989



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